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Christianity Board is a thriving forum community for registered members to share, pray, and respectfully debate about the faith in Jesus Christ. We are a nondenominational Christian forum in that we welcome the diversity of Christianity and we are not attached to any one denominational group. Join today for access to posting on the forums, chatting in the shoutbox, creating a blog, private messenger, profile features and so much more. May your time here be blessed in the name of Jesus!
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Who Is The Antichrist? Who Is The False Prophet?

Prophet Jack Messer

The False Prophet Prophesied May 20, 2012 The Antichrist Is Here with his "Images" Revelation 13:11-15. The False Prophet Helped Reveal The True Identity and Date The Antichrist Confirms 7 Yr Peace Covenant. The Antichrist Confirms 7 Yr Covenant Nov 20, 2008 Exactly 3 - 1/2 Years Earlier. In Plain English The Antichrist Confirms 7 Yr. Covenant Nov 20, 2008 + 3 - 1/2 Yrs. = May 20, 2012.Revelation 13:5 Antichrist Given Power To Continue 42 More Months. What It All Mean? God has Been calling to Us. Jeremiah 22:21 Drought, Famine, Wildfires, Weird Animal Deaths, And "Strange Trumpet Sounds" were heard World Wide. God's Voice went out over the Deep Waters and Underground Rivers and Lakes Dried Up. Sinkholes, New Species of "Blanket Clouds" Never seen before in History Appeared. God called with over 35 End Time Events. God is Now Calling with "Strange Lights" in almost all of the Natural Disasters worldwide. He Called "Who Will See and Hear Me Calling"? I seen and heard God calling This was my Supernatural Call into The Ministry. Got Q's? FaceBook Prophet Jack Messer or Http://www.whostheantichrist.com