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Welcome to Christianity Board!
Christianity Board is a thriving forum community for registered members to share, pray, and respectfully debate about the faith in Jesus Christ. We are a nondenominational Christian forum in that we welcome the diversity of Christianity and we are not attached to any one denominational group. Join today for access to posting on the forums, chatting in the shoutbox, creating a blog, private messenger, profile features and so much more. May your time here be blessed in the name of Jesus!
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      03 Nov

    The greatest sin today in the church is the man in the pew who is ignorant of the Bible. ~ J. Vernon Mcgee

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Redemption / Ransom

Bible Study Forum Yesterday, 06:54 PM
-One of the New Testament Greek words for redemption is apolutrosis (ap-oloo'-tro-sis); which means: to ransom in full.Another is lutrosis (loo'-tro-sis); which means: a ransoming.● 1Tim 2:5-6 . . Christ Jesus, who gave himself as ransom for all.A ransom can be defined as a consideration paid or...
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That the temple might be built.

Christian Spirituality Forum Yesterday, 01:28 PM
Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Let your hands be strong, ye that hear in these days these words by the mouth of the prophets, which were in the day that the foundation of the house of the LORD of hosts was laid, that the temple might be built.   http://biblehub.com/zechari...
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What's your racial background?

Fellowship Forum Yesterday, 02:58 AM
I am born here in Australia, and i am a 1st generation Australian in my family, I am part American, Malaysian, Chinese, Cherokee, English, Scottish and a tiny bit French. What about the rest of yas? 
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The Devil tried to keep Jesus from going to the cross!

Bible Study Forum 18 Feb 2017
"The Devil tried to keep Jesus from going to the cross!"   While i was listening to a bible study on the sanctuary when the presenter said the above statement... What!!! ... I had to stop straight away and come here to talk with all you people.   These are the verses and reasons the pr...
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I Know, I Know, I Know

Christian Theology Forum 18 Feb 2017
“I Know, I Know, I Know” By Zach Wood James 1:22-25 NLT But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.  For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror.  You see yourself, walk away, a...
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