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4 Years Married

By Mayflower · Jun 11, 2019 · ·
  1. I feel very blessed June 13th will be 4 years married to a wonderful husband and father. I love this man. He is a turd, but still. Love of my life. My aunt Cheryl passed. She was my matron of honor in the picture. Special woman, but so blessed she was there.

    FB_IMG_1559218588823.jpg FB_IMG_1560223559675.jpg FB_IMG_1557636561311.jpg FB_IMG_1556927171020.jpg
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  1. farouk
    Great photos there! :)
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    1. Mayflower
      the one who took our wedding pictures was 12 at the time. Still wants to be a photographer!
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    2. farouk
      She's good at photos! :)
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    3. farouk
      PS: In the 3rd photo I can even see one of your dh's tattoos...
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