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By Angelina · Apr 26, 2020 ·
  1. A few years back a prayer warrior friend and I decided to get together and pray for the US. It was on both our hearts so we got together one night and began to pray. The Lord gave us specific states and cities to pray for, so we prayed for the saints in each of these places accordingly.

    We stopped for a while because I wanted to check on a map where these places were and found that the majority of our prayers were concentrated towards the east coast of the US. I did not know much about the US at that time and found it surprising. The last state that the Lord put on our heart was Florida. So we began to pray..."Father, we lift up the saints of God in the state of Florida. Please grant them the petition of their hearts..." as the prayers continued in this vein, I discerned a movement coming our way.

    It was very extremely fast and very powerful and coming in the direction of the north west. We continued to pray for Florida until I picked up a powerful presence in the room that we were in. I could see an angelic being standing in the middle of the room listening to us praying. He was huge and wore clothing that I could only describe as armour-plated, like a Roman soldier.

    He carried a massive sword and had the smell of war on him. I can't explain what that means but the smell was liken to someone who had just came from battle. He was kind of smoky with heat rising off him. As he drew closer, he looked at me intently...I was absolutely terrified because he looked so fierce and scary. He held some kind of powerful authority which I could discern. Heavenly authority.

    I knew that he was not there to kill me but he could of, if he wanted to. He was extremely scary. I don't think Father God would have allowed it though. So my friend and I continued to pray for the saints of God in Florida and after awhile, he threw something over me and left as quickly as he arrived.

    My friend felt relief as the angelic being left although he did not see it, he felt his presence. The Lord gave us the revelation that this Angelic being had been commissioned over that state of Florida and that there was a war going on which the Lord needed others to pray into...THAT WAS A TRULY AWESOME PRAYER NIGHT!

    Praise God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!



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