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Another church Dream

By Mayflower · Jul 15, 2019 ·
  1. Every church dream I have is in a different building. Except lately it has been my church family Ive known 7 years. I was going into the church and the worship leader went in a second after me. I felt right back at home again, except I knew as worship was starting, they probably wouldn't want me back on praise team. So I stood a moment by the sound booth, because it looked like the church was full, and found a spot at the very back in the very last seat. And it was dark and the worship team was on stage. But the worship leader wasnt up there. But I heard her on a microphone that the worship team wanted to invite me back up to sing. And she asked them "are you sure?" Then said, "yes. They are sure." And I woke up.


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