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Attitude Dude!

By Angelina · Apr 27, 2020 ·
  1. I was talking with a friend the other day who commented on how different some Christians seem to be when they come out from the limelight. I had to agree with her point after encountering a similar experience. It happened a few years ago when I heard about an outreach team who were inviting folk to come listen to some awesome testimonies and stories of God’s divine hand working in and through individual lives.

    I spent some time basking under a powerful anointing as the worship team led the gathering into a closer intimate place with God. The connection was real, the worship divine, the testimonies were out of this world.

    At the end of the service however, the team came off stage and began to mingle with the crowd. I decided to go over and chat with the teams worship leader who was incredibly talented both vocals and musically. Unfortunately I was met with a cold detached personality who seemed a little annoyed that I was depriving her of her time in the limelight or perhaps I was not in a leadership role or just not worth her time and effort.

    It is easy to think that some of those amazing, talented individuals can actually be conceited or self involved or perhaps wanting to chat with those who are their spiritual equals and that is an easy conclusion to come to.

    Please consider however, as someone who has matured since writing this post and someone who has had various outreaches and ministry experiences under her belt,

    That sometimes, those ministering to others can be exhausted, after releasing all their gifts and callings and being focussed on that particular ministry at hand.

    Afterwards it does not leave much in the way of energy or enthusiasm to talk and chat with others. However, one must realise that your not off the mission field yet. Not at least, until you leave the premises and reach home so dig deep be kind to people and finish the race.



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