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Basketball Game

By Mayflower · Oct 7, 2019 · ·
  1. It was like watching a movie. A basketball game was going on, teenage boys versus girls. This seemed to be focused on the girls. They were losing bad, and started walking back stage toward the exit door. This one girl was really discouraged. The coach talked them all back into the game and she stalled the longest standing outside the door. The coach said that she may be the one they needed to win. So she agreed to come back in. So they went back to the game and they were passing it back and forth when this boy comes and sits on the back of the discouraged girl and starts pulling her hair and being mean to her/laughing at her. Then the referee went over to them with his whistle, but was looking to a panel of three judges on the sidelines. No one else acted like they saw her at all even though she was crying for help So then like a fog horn sounded. And I didn't understand at first that the game had ended and the girls had lost. The boy gave her one last jab and got up and left. She was yelling for help, but her coach and team were leaving like they didn't see her. One girl on her team was behind with her mom who was scolding her and then the discouraged girl cried for help and both saw her. Her mom told her daughter the coach was coming, to ignore her, and they passed her in concern and out of view she told her daughter "come over here."

    Then white papers with black outlined faces were dropped in front of the discouraged girl. Ones I don't know, and I woke up.


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  1. farouk

    Ppl in dreams don't always behave as those in real life do, of course...
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    1. Mayflower
      It was encouraging to me to not give up. Maybe it was a quarter instead of the end of the game. But it is important to finish the game and get back up no matter what life throws at you. God is a good coach.
    2. farouk
      The Bible says, Be ye steadfast, 1 Cor. 15.58...
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