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James blessed in deed

  1. Blog Description

    Those who have been faithful to the lord are blessed in their deed because they had fulfilled the law. In order to fulfill the law, you must carefully listen to God's instructions. God's instructions allow us to obtain wisdom and understanding about what he asks of us. As our one and only savior God requires us to love one another with honesty and reverence. When we are diligent and obedient in God's name we not only remember God's decree but we can carry out his decree in truth. Therefore we must continue to live in faith because faith by our works is the only way to be blessed by our good deed. Those who

    Before the flood began to wipe away the lord confided in Noah to save himself as well as all Noah's animals. Noah did so through building an Ark later renamed the Ark of covenant. Noah's ark of covenant helped to save himself, his animals and seven other people that pointed straight to baptism. Baptism helps to save those who are worthy of God's mercy and Noah was one of God's chosen ones based on faith. Faith helped Noah becomes saved by the holy spirit as a perfect example of faith through God.