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    Feel loneliness void even if you do not go into porn business

    Can discover porn at young age from another adult 6-8 years old

    Online chat rooms as escape


    According to () both men and women ages () to () have begun. Among these statistics christian men and women

    women men Christians college students single people

    Ending thesis stats

    The porn epidemic has shot up at an alarming rate and has drastically affected those who choose to view porn daily.

    What to do when your bored and want to look on the website?

    For many online computer users pornography can be introduced in an unexpected way. Many online ads can display pornography as a form of sexual pleasure by the way the ad appears. Pornographic companies use these ads as a way to entice new viewers into their line of work before knowing what their line of work entails.

    Pornography can have many other side effects as well. Those who feel a sense of isolation and loneliness in their interpersonal relationships may turn to
    raphy. Online chat rooms a common form of pornography uses promiscuity to encourage promiscuous behavior to feel loved and appreciated by others. However the dialogue exchanged exchanged through online chat is not always sincere because they only tell you what you want to hear. Therefore the addiction to pornography and promiscuity continues because it distracts them from facing normal family life.

    This is how regular computer users develop an addiction to pornography even if the website they were on is unrelated to the ad that appeared.

    Today many people develop a pornography addiction by signing up to online sex chat rooms as a way to use pornography

    Online sex chat rooms have begun to take effect because online computer users use pornography

    Viewing pornography can affect a person's mentally and emotionally even if they do not enter the pornography

    statement even if they choose not to enter the business. Isolation and loneliness are common ways to develop a pornography addiction because pornography can include online sex chat rooms

    Its about diligence and obedience to God. The more diligent you are in staying away from porn the less likely you are to return.

    Usually starts with boredom an unloved family life at home

    Pornography can also affect married couples as well when there is a lack of intimacy. When a marriage is strained, the spouse will look to porn as another form of pleasure and overlook the problem at hand. Porn does not help strengthen a marriage because women are treated as slaves who are beaten and abused profusely. Sex within a marriage is with when both parties have mutual consent in order to honor and respect the wife’s decision. In 1 Thessalonians 4:1 Paul states that you are to guard and protect your holy vessel as thou it were your own. This proverb is common among many women but can be used among men and women to set boundaries within their marriage. Waiting until your married to have sex is important essential because it shows patience out of the respect of the other person’s decision.

    How porn affects social life and relationships?

    Married relationships are strained because they look for pleasure elsewhere

    A lack of pleasure in the relationship causes marriages to strain and look for alternatives.

    Many people

    1 Thessalonians protect thy vessel

    Exodus 20:5 do not bow down to other idols

    1 Corinthians the woman's body is her own and the man’s likewise

    Personal testimony of faith: In December the devil tried to proclaim I was bored and need to suffice myself with porn

    I broke down the steps that many porn addicts use to withdraw from society and proclaimed that I simply had an addiction

    From that addiction I proclaimed God's word and quoted biblical scriptures.