Dreams and Visions

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Dreams and Visions
When I first became a member of the church, it was like living in another culture, another world. There was so much to learn and understand about the things of God. Jesus revealed himself to me many times in my childhood but I hardly knew anything about him accept that he was good and kind and...
Reason for deleting my dream blog from a couple years ago? Again? I have them written down the ones I find important. I have learned quite a bit about dreams since that time... I am blessed to have a good teacher/friend with them. At the time, I was trying to figure out if the dream gift was...
The Lord would wake me up sometimes to pray for people. One time he woke me in the middle of the night while I was dreaming and I saw a vision when I awoke. He took me to an area where I was hovering above a house made of stone. This place was foreign to me and he gave me a sense of it's name...
Put your hands on the wheel Let the golden age begin Let the window down Feel the moonlight on your skin Let the desert wind Cool your aching head Let the weight of the world Drift away instead These day I barely get by I don't even try It's a treacherous road With a desolated view There's...