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  1. Utilized Engine - Save Much Needed Money

    used engine Purchasing a pre-owned motor might appear to be a bizarre idea, however once in a while there isn't anything a repairman can do shy of supplanting the entire motor unit of a vehicle. Buying a motor that is from a comparative model, regardless of whether prior or later, can decrease generally speaking fix costs for the client, and can diminish time for the mechanics.
  2. Garden of Gethsemane & King's Garden

    Is Gethsemane of Jesus' passion the King's Gardens? Compare these two descriptions: kepos/kipos "garden" of Gethsemane/Gat-shmanim/Gat-shenim/Gat-semena/Gad-smane "oil/fat press", chorion/xorion "place/estate" (across brook/valley of Kidron, in vicinity of Mt of Olives/Olivet). Gan-ha-melekh/Gan-ha-melech "garden of the king, king's garden(s)", royal wine press(es) (at confluence of the Kidron and the Central/Tyropoeon valleys), part of the gardens of the kings (valley in area, Mt of...
  3. Rules on How to Choose the Best Used Engine

    Used ford engine for sale An instructive article on the most proficient method to buy a substitution motor, and keep your vehicle out and about. Why purchase another vehicle and have a major credit installment, when a substitution motor is a negligible portion of the expense?
  4. Revelations?

    Although the situation here is still hell bad and no signs yet of God answering to help make it not so bad (and me still being trapped not able to fix it myself as every option is blocked by regime/system/elite & others like neighbours & services/tradespeople), I have made some possible biblical historical and prophetic discoveries that may be of interest to you fellow christian/messianic friends/acquaintances/contacts. I don't pretend to be anymuch of a genuine christian due to my bad...
  5. 4 Horsemen of Revelation Part 4

    Having looked at the first 3 horsemen of Revelation 6 we now look at the last, 4th, "Pale" Horseman. Revelation 6: "And when he opened the seal (the) 4th I heard (the) voice of the 4th living creature saying Come And I looked and behold a horse chloros ("pale") and the (one) sitting on it (the) name of him (was) Thanatos ("death")* and Hades ("underworld, realm of the dead")* was following with him (closely) and was given to them authority over the 4th of the earth to kill with sword and...
  6. 4 Horsemen of Revelation Part 3

    The 1st, White Horse(man) of Revelation 6 is often supposed to be "conquest", and/or to be the "Antichrist", and the bow he has is often supposed to be "a covenant with Israel confirming its rights to the land of Israel/Palestine". However we are not so certain of this for various reasons. Having surveyed possible candidates for the 2nd, Red Horse(man) and 3rd, Black Horse(man) we now look at possible candidates for the 1st, White horse(man) (WH for short below), and we will afterwards look...
  7. 4 Horsemen of Revelation Part 2

    We have looked at the 2nd, Red Horse(man) and given 3 possible past/present/future candidate matches. We will now look at the 3rd, Black Horse(man). Revelation 6: "And when he opened the seal (the) 3rd I heard the 3rd living creature (man/angel) saying come! And I looked and behold a horse black and the (one) sitting on it having a pair of scales/balances in the hand of him. And I heard (something) like a voice in (the) midst of the 4 living creatures saying a choenix/silver-piece /...
  8. 4 Horsemen of Revelation

    In our looking at prophetic events in Revelation and other biblical books we start with looking at the 4 horsemen of Revelation 6. Of the 4 horsemen the 2nd red one is the easiest one to identify and the 3rd black one the next easiest, so we will do them first rather than doing the 4 all in the order they are in the source. Revelation/Apocalypse: "6:3 And when he opened the seal the 2nd, I heard the 2nd living creature saying, "Come!" 6:44 And went/came forth another horse, bright/fiery...
  9. God's Children Blessed

    The Heirs of the Kingdom benefit all creation, fulfilling the promise God made to Abraham.
  10. God's Adopted Sons

    God's family of spirit creatures now includes sons he adopts
  11. God's Family

    God's Universal Purpose for a United Family
  12. Scripture Of The Day – February 20, 2022

    "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God." - 1 Corinthians 2:12 God is ready to bring you new understanding of the knowledge -- His Spirit desires that you would call out, you would decree His awesomeness, you would claim, and then revelation will come – with knowledge. By meditating and declaring how awesome He is in your place and know that wherever you go so does He. Wherever He...
  13. CARMAN New Video Biography Released Today on the anniversary of his leaving us for heaven

    Carman was a one-of-a-kind Christian entertainer (singer, songwriter, actor). A year ago today, he concluded his life of service to Jesus Christ. We just posted a brand new video biography of this man whose music was part of many of our childhoods...
  14. God has a plan for Australia

    Revelation containing pivotal information regarding the formulation of God's long-term plan for the Australian nation and its people.
  15. Remembering Stephen Lungu, NEW Biography released today

    Hope that you enjoy this fun biography video featuring Stephen Lungu, the great African evangelist and missionary. One year ago today, he went home to be with the Lord. His legacy continues through Dorothea Mission and African Enterprise, and the thousands whom he introduced to Jesus Christ.