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    Well, no not really. God always was, is and forevermore shall be. It is just that society thinks he is dead as in we don’t need him anymore. But that begs the question. Can we do without God? Talk to an atheist and they will tell us in all sorts of childish ways that God is irrelevant. They will tell you that the bible is written by goat herders. If you believe in an imaginary God, you are brain dead. They tell us that they are rational and masters of the science realm, so they don’t need...
  2. A Time To...

    Probably the most well-known sermon preached to drum up the patriotic passion of any citizen was given by Pastor Peter Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg’s sermon was taken from the scriptures of Ecclesiastics, chapter Three; it was titled, A Time for Everything. Throughout the first eight verses of the text, there is a repetition of contrast stating, a time to love, a time to hate, a time to keep and throw away, then ending in the last verse, “…a time for war and a time for peace”. When Muhlenberg came...

    I was reading an article about expository preaching, one of my favourite subjects. I am just not into tickling ears preaching. The article talked about being a teaching pastor and my mind began to wander through the use of the word and I thought how ridiculous so let me begin. If you are the leader of a church you are a Pastor. Ignoring the fact that the New Testament church did not have pastors as leaders. The pastor always used to be a man and then the AOG started this idea of the husband...
  4. God Trumps Kings Part II

    Trust and Disobey for there is no other way. In Part I, I spoke about the times when Biblical disobedience is necessary. Part II will be focused on applying it to modern times, not only by saying, “No” to government, but by saying “Yes” to God.
  5. God Trumps Kings, Part I

    When Paul was writing what is now chapter 13 of the book Romans, he was writing to tell others the reason God established governments, and why we must accept them for better or worse. Yet at the same time his preaching was an act of defiance to a government that had forbidden Christianity.
  6. Trust and Obey

    We live in a sinful world, run by sinful people. What can Christians do in the face of corrupt governments? When is the time to rebel? What can we do to bring about change?
  7. Holy and Sacred Law

    Is the Bible the only holy book? Are books of other religions just as sacred to a Mason? The belief Masons hold is there are many sacred and holy books, and sadly they view them all as equal.
  8. A Few Good Men

    To be a Mason I must be good. Am I good? What makes us good?
  9. Eternal Liberty & Freedom

    Viva la revolution! Our founder’s desires were perfectly professed, and like many prior calls for reform invoked God’s name, claiming his approval and backing of their actions. These men were attempting to obtain basic, fundamental rights they believed every citizen of the world is entitled to. To secure these rights, our founders looked to secede from King George. In this regard our independence was won with a civil war, and not a true revolution. No matter the nature or form of rebellion...
  10. Confusion... Should we join in?

    Who is confused?
  11. Once Saved, Always Saved?

    "... the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life ..." "... by grace are ye saved ..."- - Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8 We get the point. Salvation from the death sentence is God’s gift, because God sent his own son to bear the death penalty for man. (John 3:16) But doesn’t salvation require the cooperation of the individual? Yes. For instance, the exercise of faith is essential. "... if we believe on him ... being justified by faith ..." "... the just shall live by faith."...
  12. I Run To You

    I run to You Starving to know You Not settling for what is “about You” But craving to walk in the ways revealing You as “LOVE” I run to You No longer willing to accept The ‘neck up’ distortion of one distant Cold and unconcerned. Rather, craving that which is “You - LOVE” I run to You Admitting the emptiness Of life with “Me” as the central focus. Bringing the harsh lines and limits of that which I call ‘my mind” It’s Not “YOU” - Love. I run to You Acknowledging the path I ran...
  13. Peel Me Back

    Peel Me Back by Judy Hicks God peel me back That which I’ve known ‘me’ to be. Until I reach raw honesty and authenticity with You – Connected and intimate. Help me unravel these decades of ‘sound bites’ of existence – Until I know and connect once again with You as my source. You’re the one who planted this spirit in the womb With intention and purpose for good. Help me develop the capacity and wisdom To hear and yield only to Your direction. Uncover, as only You can do, with detailed...
  14. Seeking Communion - November 22, 2018

    Seeking Communion - November 22, 2018 Seeking Communion - November 22, 2018