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Church Dream

By Mayflower · Jul 13, 2019 · ·
  1. Last night I dreamed I was in a church building, but my church family was inside getting ready for service. I was going to visit the very first church I came to know Christ at afterwords and was very excited. So I was going around and saying hello to everyone. But they were all too busy to really notice me. So after that I said "now what?" And went to the back by the door and sat on the floor with this binder of sermon notes. And my pastor began handing out assessments for the sermon. And he started preaching. But it was like I was flipping through the binder trying to find the sermon notes he just gave me and found the assessment at the very end of service. And remembered "oh yeh, he handed out assessments, not sermon notes."


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  1. David kilmer
    What if all the translations or interpretations from Christ 07 WAS from the Bible? What if he wasn't just a man but really manly though?
  2. David kilmer
    The dream of the church hardly lasted and now they're stuck with wheat. End of story
    1. Mayflower
      I don't understand what you were saying. if this one has an interpretation, not a translation, I think I was being critical instead of realizing I have the scriptures right in front of me. The message I get needs to be from the Bible and not by any man.
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  3. Mayflower
    I think this is what I learned from the whole experience of going to a different church and everything.
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    2. David kilmer
      Living in the past is old.
    3. David kilmer
      Life is different than a wheat joke or dream. Some rise, some fall by the wayside
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    4. Mayflower
      Okay I understand what you were saying
  4. farouk
    So what's the difference between sermon assessments and sermon notes? (Like, feedback? o_O)
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    2. David kilmer
      Sermon notes are what's in the Bible while assessments are a test to see where you fit in at the time. It's based in what you learn are thankful for or need.
    3. David kilmer
      Or yourself
    4. David kilmer
      God is a helper of the lost and sinners.