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  1. Mayflower
    Like it was asking me to rate the pastor, how he taught the scripture. It had notes on the scriptures he used. I have weird dreams. :D huh? I havent had many in awhile though. When I have, been enemy dreams.
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  2. farouk
    Oh okay; anyway I wasn't really familiar with the idea of filling in sheets to rate the preacher...
  3. Mayflower
    Me either. I haven't seen any assessments before. Lol.
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  4. farouk
    It IS strange. What I think should be happening is for the conscience to be searched by the Word of God, with the preacher in the background.
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  5. David kilmer
    Sermon notes are what's in the Bible while assessments are a test to see where you fit in at the time. It's based in what you learn are thankful for or need.
  6. David kilmer
    Or yourself
  7. David kilmer
    God is a helper of the lost and sinners.