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By marksman · Feb 11, 2020 · ·
  1. I hope you are a gay Christian? Jesus said he came to give us life and life more abundantly. Abundant life is enough to make anyone gay and happy. If anyone asks you if you are a gay Christian say yes, definitely.

    The fact is we have very stupidly allowed homosexuals to hijack the word gay and now homosexuals are not called homosexuals they are called gay, which they are not. Even the church itself refers to them as gay which it should not as it is a lie. Our instructions are to speak the truth with love. Not lie with love. Every time you refer to a homosexual as gay you are lying.

    If the world will not use the word homosexual, then the church should because we are told in no uncertain terms, not to be conformed to this world. Calling homosexuals gay is to be conformed to this world.

    Today, calling them homosexual is deemed offensive so all the more reason to use that word as we can then say calling them gay is offensive because it is not the truth, plus we don't want our children growing up being taught that a lie is a truth. There are all sorts of reasons you can call on to claim the rightness of not calling them gay.

    Sad to say there are plenty of Christians who would rather fall into line with the world than stand on the word of God. They do not help the cause of righteousness or of exalting Jesus. NO, we need to stand on the promises, not sit on the premises, look nice, sound nice and be nice and be as ineffective as a bucket of water on a raging fire.

    The church is no different from parliament in many ways. People demand that you put into place this policy or that policy to appease the gnashing of teeth and then we are told in no uncertain terms it is a wasted exercise because these people are never going to vote for you anyway.

    You need to go for the majority and when you do God's will you are in the majority because the scripture says if God be for us who can be against us.

    The time has come when all of us need to fear God more than we fear man. What man can do to us is limited. What God can do for us is unlimited. I would much prefer to pick a winner than a loser.

    So, please, no more gay Christians. No more gay homosexuals. Just people who have been born again and have abundant life.

    About Author

    A retired teacher who has been employed to research contentious issues for the church about life and society and has taught subjects that have involved day to day issues like politics, law, business and economics.

    I have been married for 48 years, have a daughter and a son and eleven grandchildren who are soooooooo gorgeous. If I had known they were going to be such fun I would have had them first.
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  1. Preacher4Truth
    Correct, there is no such thing as sodomite or homosexual Christianity. These who practice these things and claim to be Christian talk much of love, this "love" is then extended towards others. If this "love" is reciprocated back in total acceptance and embrace that sodomite homosexuals are "true Christians" then they will treat you well. If not accepted these are marked out. Nearly everything they talk about is done in order to find out who embraces their sin, and who does not. They do this to mark out true followers of Christ as enemies.
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