He Directs Our Steps - Part 1.

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There was a time when I was out of work and had to do a bit of community work with an agency in our area. At that time I was not really interested but decided to go any way. As I was walking toward the agency, I felt prompted to go in another drirection and ended up passing my appointment place, to a building that I hardly knew existed and was unfamiliar with the businesses there.

The Holy Spirit continued to prompt me so I walked inside, got into a lift and walked down a corridor where there were small businesses on each side. I stopped in the front of a glass door, which was open and saw that it appeared to be our local community radio station. This concerned me greatly as I contemplated on what this mean't. I quietly said to the Lord, "surely Lord, you don't want me to work here,? I don't know anything about radio"

Just then a lady, thinking that I was needing attention, pressed the doorbell as she walked past. Well I was just about to run off when suddenly a gruff looking elderly gentleman came to the front door. He asked if he could help me. (I was weighing up whether I should just leave but then I came this far, so thought maybe I should ask him if he needs any help and then when he says no, I can go. Hoping that this whole thing was all in my head) I finally said to him"Can I help you?" he said no and with a sigh of relief I turned and started to leave.

After a few steps, he said "wait a minute, would you like to come in and have a look at our studio?" I said okay (as it gave me an opportunity to have a look at something that I had not experienced before) So I followed him into another room with a large desk which had a screen and lots of dials and slides very much like a mixer you would find in a Church but much bigger. There a were also head phones and mics everywhere.

He motioned me to a chair and I sat down and watched as he began to play another song and talk into a mic to an invisible audience. I watched for a while then decided to leave but not before he made me promise to come another day, which I did.

A couple of days later, I was back in the chair, watching him use the impliments on the desk, the slides, computer and mics. I asked him a few questions when he was off air as a matter of interest. We had got about an hour into his program when he suddenly got up and began to pack his gear up. I asked where he was going? He said, home. I asked who was going to run the radio? He said, me. Then he said, lock the door on your way out and he left.

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9


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