He Shall Direct Your Steps

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Dated: Feb 16, 2013

One time, God gave me dream about a job. He showed me in this dream what the job entailed and what rostered shift I was going to be given while working there. The strange thing was that I already had employment. The job he showed me was not anything that I am even remotely qualified for, so I found this very intriguing. Within a week the company I worked for went into liquidation and no-one saw that coming. Suddenly I was out of a job. I applied for several including the one God showed me in the dream.

There were no job positions available there but because of the dream, I left my CV/ resume with them anyway. A few days later, I got a call-back for an interview with them and got quite a grilling from the C.E.O because the position [which suddenly became available] required a high level of accountability and as I had previously said... in an area that I was not qualified for.

The following morning the Manager rang me back stating that I had been successful in my application for the job and that they will be paying for the qualifications I needed for the position as part of their in work training, through the NZQA. [Nationally recognized qualifications under the Ministry of Education].

Amazing! He really does direct our steps...but not always in the way that we think or can imagine. God is leading me in a completely different direction and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

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