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By marksman · Apr 8, 2020 ·
  1. "It is 2020, anyone who wants to be a woman can be a woman. A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman!”

    I read this only today. A woman who is the leader of a woman's organization asked the question "what is a woman" of several government and independent women's organizations. Believe it or not, they didn't know so all they could come up with is the statement above.

    So, this is the new truth. If you want to be a woman, go right ahead and you are a woman. Just put on a nice dress. Shove a padded bra into it, slip into the high heels and bingo, you are a woman.

    Did I hear someone say "total madness?"

    Well if you are not captivated by all this sex change mumbo jumbo then it is total madness. Ever since time began we have every one of us been male or female. And as a result of that, we have brought into the world billions of other little males and females.

    Not anymore apparently. If you are born male and you are not happy about it, just declare your intentions, put on a dress and hey presto, you are the opposite sex to what you were born as. The fact that you are not has escaped rational thinking.

    Now, it has occurred to me what if someone is born male and one day he says to Mum and Dad, "I am not happy being a boy, I want to be a chimpanzee."

    Are the experts going to say, "A chimpanzee is anyone who identifies as a chimpanzee." If not why not? After all, gender now is something that you want to be, not what you are. In other words, it is OK to deny reality...and truth because truth now is what you make it.

    What is behind all this? I think it is very simple. The image of God. We men and women were the only ones created in the image of God. None of the animals were. Satan hates anything to do with God, especially anything that reflects his image. So what is he doing? Trying to destroy God's image.

    It is first revealed in men and women. Both reveal the nature of God. One reveals the strength of God and the other reveals the caring nature of God. Get rid of that or distort it and what happens. You don't know what God is like.

    Second, it is revealed in the family. God told Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply. Not add. When we go forth and multiply we are increasing the image of God because the best image of God is a family that works. All of his attributes are to be found in a family.

    So that is why Satan has begun an onslaught against the family. he wants to break up and destroy as many families as he can because when he does that he is destroying the image of God.

    Sad to say there is very little teaching on this subject in the church and that is why so many Christians divorce. They have never been taught the purpose of their marriage and bringing children into the world. If they knew this there would be a lot less Christian divorces.

    Sad to say, the church seems to want to separate out families in the church with their own special ministry rather than keeping them together and learning together what life is all about. And have you noticed there are plenty of ministries for women but very few for men? I wonder if that is the reason why most congregations are 70% women and 30% men? If I joined an organisation that only focused on one gender I wouldn't stay long.

    So let me lay my cards on the table. A woman is a woman because that is how God made her. A man is a man because that is how God made him. And both complement each other in a very specific way. Once you step outside of those parameters you are up the creek without a paddle regardless of what the so-called experts say.


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