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I Run To You

By destiny48 · Feb 13, 2019 ·
  1. I run to You

    Starving to know You

    Not settling for what is “about You”

    But craving to walk in the ways revealing You as “LOVE”

    I run to You

    No longer willing to accept

    The ‘neck up’ distortion of one distant

    Cold and unconcerned. Rather, craving that which is “You - LOVE”

    I run to You

    Admitting the emptiness

    Of life with “Me” as the central focus.

    Bringing the harsh lines and limits of that which I call ‘my mind”

    It’s Not “YOU” - Love.

    I run to You

    Acknowledging the path I ran

    Admitting the arrogance of saying, I can do this myself

    Denying the isolation, it brought, calling it what it was - alone

    I run to You

    Naked with no defense of what I learned to call “ME”

    Lifting my hands – heart full of what I now see

    All wisdom in YOU, now YOU in me -

    Willing - Connected - Full


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