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By Ben Abraham · Dec 16, 2020 · ·
  1. ISAIAH 12:2,3 A MIDRASH

    "Behold, Elohim (EL) is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid, for YAH YHVH is my strength and my song. He has also become my salvation" Therefore with joy you will draw waters from the well of salvation.

    The Spirit of God speaks through the Prophet Isaiah, behold, "EL" is my salvation" Why does he use EL ? which is in the original Hebrew? Perhaps he is conveying the message that EL (who is "Adonai who leads and instructs) is "YESHUA!" and not only Yeshua but MY YESHUA! (Yeshuati) In ancient Hebrew, YAH means "Behold the hand" but the whole "arm" is shown in the paleo Hebrew which is similar to the same word in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    This reminds us of the verse which says; "And YHVH laid bare his Holy Arm" which is none other than God in the flesh, as Yeshua.

    "I will trust and not be afraid" if we are believers and have trusted in the completed work of Messiah on the cross, what do we have to fear? death? yet death is only the door that opens to eternal life in the World to Come, in Heaven. why? because YAH YHVH is my strength and my song. Why does the prophet use both YAH and YHVH?

    Perhaps he is making a point, "Behold the hand" and "Behold the hand and behold the nail" if we are to read these letters/names from the paleo-Hebrew perspective. God laid bare his holy arm so that He (Yeshua) might stretch out his arms to receive the nails in his hands for our sins. In doing this, He BECAME (Yeshuati) MY SALVATION, but not only the Prophet Isaiah's Yeshuah but also ours. In a way, we could even say; He became YESHUATEINU (OUR salvation) He gave up his life for the whole world, but it only affects those who trust in HIM.

    What were Yeshua's words during the Feast of Tabernacles? You will draw waters from the well of Yeshuah! or You will draw waters from ME! Waters which will give eternal life and from whence we shall never thirst again.

    Rabbi Ben Abraham


    About Author

    Ben Abraham
    Messianic rabbi in Houston, Texas
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