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Isaiah 41:10

By JesusLovesYou · Feb 6, 2021 · ·
  1. It is important to realize who is talking and to whom. This is God himself talking through the prophet Isaiah to his people. The verses which precede verse 10 make it clear that God is always in control of everything around us, and He is the only one true God, regardless of the human imagination. Whatever his most prized creation can come up with will never take place of the Creator of all things.
    Knowing this, it is comforting to know that He always helps, protects and rescues those whose are part of his chosen people. At the same time, it is a most-terrifying thing for one to know that God can be on one’s opposing side. Everyone has certain experiences with God. From my own, I can tell that it is always best to have him on your side.
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  1. 2nd Timothy Group
    Nice. And isn't the Bible clear, that the Lord is in control of all things? Power . . . if a person doesn't first and foremost recognize the Power of God as they read the ENTIRE Bible, they're missing a key element of understanding the True Gospel of Christ.

    Agreed. I fear the Lord, not because He is frightening, but because I know that He alone provides air to my lungs and that at His whim, He knows where I am at all times and can vaporize me in a nanosecond if He so desires. I choose to obey. I choose to have the Lord on my side! :)