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Jews, Palestinians and Jesus

By Mosheli · May 14, 2021 ·
  1. My birth father was talking to me on the telephone and one of the topics he mentioned was the recent conflict in Israel/Palestine in the last weeks. He was saying how one can't blame the Palestinians because Israel has kept taking away their land and homes. This whole topic is a very difficult one because the history is somewhat complicated and both sides have done wrongs, and both have valid points. Anyway one thing my father asked me (since I study history) was if it was possible that Jesus might have been a Palestinian, since he thought it was actually quite possible that he was. I was not able to answer this due to not being sure what I should say but my thoughts were that from my knowledge Jesus was Jewish and doesn't seem likely to have had any Palestinian blood. But afterwards I thought maybe I had been abit to automatic in my thoughts and should consider my fathers suggestion. So I went through the bible to see if it is possible if Jesus had any "Palestinian" blood, and as far as I can see without doing a far more amount of time and effort study I came up with this result:

    Jesus is pretty much Jewish through and through from Jacob to Mary & Joseph (see genealogies in Matthew and Luke). The only non-Jewish blood he had is
    Nahorite/Aramaic (Rebekah, Leah, Rachel? Aramaic).
    Moabite (Ruth).
    Canaanite (Rahab)?
    and possibly Egyptian? (Asenath? wives between Judah & Nahshon?)
    Jesus lived in Galilee of the Gentiles, but he doesn't seem to of had any gentile blood. Some non-Christian/non-Messianic sources believe Jesus was really the son of a Gallic Roman soldier and/or the Mary was a Danite, but this is very doubtful from all the evidences.
    Most of the time during the history of the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews they had pretty strict rules/laws about not mixing with other nations and they have kept their people as a separate distinct group. Though the modern Jews are part Mediterranean, part Orientalid (sub-branch within Mediterranean), and part Armenoid, which might indicate some mixture with Egyptians or Hittites/Amorites or Assyrians.So all in all Jesus was pretty much thoroughly Jewish with only a few miniscule drops of non-Jewish blood.

    As to the "Palestinians" (including Jordanians) their actual race/ethnicity/nationality is uncertain. From the bible and other sources they may have blood of the following peoples:
    Canaanites (Hivite, Jebusite, Sinim/Sinite, Arvadite).
    Sidonian ("Canaanite" &/or Phoenician).
    Hittite ("Canaanite" &/or Indoeuropean or Hattite/Hurrian).
    Amorite ("Canaanite" &/or Semite).
    Egyptians (Keturah/Hagar).
    Philistines or Caphtorim ("Mizraim/Egyptian" or Atlantean/Europoid Sea Peoples or Pelasgian/Aegean or Cretan/Minoan).
    Samaritan (Israelite & Assyrian/other mix)?
    Edomites (Amalekite, Temanite, Herodian).
    Moabite &/or Ammonite.
    Hyksos (Semitic, maybe Edomite/Amalekite, or "Aryan").
    Kittim or Kasdim/Chaldean.
    Giants (Anakim, Nephilim, Rephaim, Zuzim, Emim, Zamzummim).

    (If you are having trouble following if you don't know the names then look up Genesis 10 and 1 Chronicles 1-2 which has most of these nations in a family tree.)

    So Jesus only had a few drops of blood in common with Palestinians, though some of the peoples bloods making up the Palestinians are closely related to the Israelites, both being descended from Isaac (Edomite, Amalekite), Abraham (Ishmaelite, Keturahite/Hagarite, Midianite), Terah (Moabite, Ammonite, Nahorite/Aramean), or Shem (Aramean, Samaritan).

    As for Jews saying that the conflict between Jews and Palestinians or Arabs or Muslims being "political not religious", this is part true and part untrue.
    I've always said in the last number of years that the only true solution to the conflict is Jews accepting Yeshua/Jesus.

    Timeline of foreign dominations and invasions of Israel/Palestine since the end of the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel and Judah (before that is difficult because of differing chronologies) (excluding Jordan).

    Egyptian ca 600 (Nechoh).
    Neo-Babylonian/Chaldean ca 587/586-539 (Nebuchadnezzar).
    Medes (Darius).
    Persians ca 539/538-332 (Cyrus, Ahasuerus).
    Greco-Macedonian 333/332-305 (Alexander).
    Seleucid/Syrian/Hellenistic 305-200-141.
    Maccabees/Hasmonean/Judea 174/168/166/141/140/135-64/63/37 bc.
    Armenian 73-63 bc.
    Romans 64/63-47/37 bc.
    Parthian 40-37 bc.
    Herodians/Edomite 40/37 bc - ad 6/44 (Herod).
    Romans ad 6/44.
    Herodian ad 50/53-93/100.
    Jewish revolt, Jerusalem siege & Diaspora ad 66-69-70-72-73.
    Romans ad 70.
    Jewish uprising 115-117.
    Romans 131/136.
    Jewish revolt/war ad/ce 132-136 (Bar Kochba).
    Palmyrenes 259/270-272 (Zenobia).
    Roman/Christian 324/326/380/395 (Constantine, Theodosius).
    Byzantine 324/390/395-634/637.
    Persian/Sasanian/Parthian 540/610/611/614-628/629.
    Arab/Muslim/Rashidun/Caliphate 632/634/635/636/638-661.
    Umayyad/Caliphate 661-750.
    Abbasid/Caliphate 750.
    Tulunids 878-904/905.
    Abbasid/Caliphate 904-939/950.
    Ikhshidid 939/944/946-968/969.
    Fatimid/Caliphate 969/970/982-1020.
    Seljuks/Turks 1071/1073-1077/1091/1095.
    Artuqid 1077/1091-1098.
    Crusaders 1095/1098/1099/1101-1150/1187.
    Fatimid 1098/1099.
    Ayyubid/Kurdish/Egypt 1177/1187-1229/1244 (Saladin).
    Crusaders 1229-1244/1268/1287/1291.
    Khwarezmians/Turks 1244-1246/1247.
    Ayyubid 1244/1247/1250/1260.
    Bahri Mamlukes 1250/1258/1260/1265/1291-1382.
    Mongols 1258/1260-1291/1300.
    Burji Mamlukes 1382-1486/1516/1517.
    Turks/Ottoman 1486/1516/1518-....
    French 1604.
    French 1799 (Napoleon).
    Turks/Ottomans ...-1917/1918.
    Egyptian/Albanian 1831/1832-1840/1841.
    Russian/Tsar 1882 (Tsar).
    Kaiser/German 1898 (Kaiser).
    German 1915-1917-1918.
    Anzacs 1916-1917.
    British & Arab 1917.
    Interregnum 1917-1920
    British/LeagueofNations 1917/1918/1920/1923-1945/1948 (WSC).
    Israeli/Zionist 1948-2021 (Bengurion, Sharett, Eshkol, Meir, Begin, Shamir, Rabin, Arafat, Peres, Barak, Sharon, Olmert, Netanyahu).


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