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By marksman · Apr 22, 2020 · ·
  1. Yes, that is right. In a recent poll, only one-quarter of evangelicals believe abortion should be illegal in all cases.

    It seems that the majority of Americans believe that life begins at or before the heartbeat but the majority of Evangelicals and Catholics identify as pro-choice. In other words, it is OK to kill babies in the womb.

    To face facts, this is horrendous, bearing in mind the prohibition on killing in scripture for the believer. NO believer should be pro-abortion for any reason whatsoever for the simple reason it is not up to us who lives and who dies.

    When you realize that since 1973, 60 million babies have been murdered in the womb in America, it gives the word genocide a new meaning. What happened to the Jews under Hitler was bad enough but this takes the cake and to think Christians are happy that it is happening. I call that blasphemous.

    The church should be ashamed of itself, especially its leaders who preside over this fact and seemingly do nothing about it. Every church should have an abortion week at least once a year to teach its members what is involved. They should show videos of babies in the womb and what it is like for babies that are murdered in the womb. They should invite pro-life organizations to set up displays and come and talk to their people to get the facts.

    When I saw a baby in the womb recoiling from the forceps when it was being aborted, it changed me forever. When I saw pictures of babies outside the womb in bits and pieces after an abortion I recoiled in horror. When I learned that babies who were born alive due to a botched abortion were thrown into a bin alive to die a slow and agonising death, I was appalled. When I found out that People like Planned Parenthood wanted as many abortions as possible because they could sell the body parts for research, I was disgusted.

    When you know these things, you cannot be pro-abortion. It is cruelty in the extreme so you should ban the idea as quickly as possible and become a lover of God's creation and do all you can to ensure they live.

    I have two children and twelve grandchildren. To think that anyone would want to have them killed is nothing short of appalling. They are the most beautiful people on earth and a gift from the Lord.


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  1. ourforgiveness-com
    O' what a terrible thing, The church of God ought to never to embrace the way the world thinks, speaks, or walks.
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