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By Pearl · May 10, 2019 ·

    Ever since I was a fairly new Christian I have had meaningful dreams which I believe are from God who is teaching me life-lessons while I sleep. This was my latest:

    I inadvertently walked into a large room which was all black with just a bit of red decoration on the bedding of the very large bed. I seemed to know it was Satan’s room. There were three men in the room and as soon as I entered they got up and went to stand in front of the three exits from the room.

    I didn’t feel particularly threatened at that time but I knew they were guarding the doors and that they didn’t want me to leave.

    That was it basically but I always know when a dream is a ‘God dream’ because I remember the details of it. The following morning I prayed and I asked God to show me what the dream meant and later as I was praying again he gave me the answer.

    He showed me that when people are in a dark place through things like fear, worry or depression, it would be so simple to lie down on that comfy bed and stay there; to accept the situation, basically, and become ‘comfortable’ with it.

    He showed me that our reaction to the ‘dark rooms’ in our lives should be to march boldly, deliberately and confidently to the windows and pull back the heavy black curtains and let the light shine in. The light that is the Light of the World – Jesus – will always light up the darkest place if we choose to let him. He further showed me that unforgiveness is a real issue for some people and it can cause darkness in their lives and bring about such things as depression.

    One way to let the light in is to forgive; to take away the enemy’s power and often when we forgive it will initially be through gritted teeth. But the first step is knowing that it is God’s will for us, then we will need to ask his help and begin to say the words out loud to ourselves, “I forgive them, I forgive them” even if at first we don’t mean it. By continuing to speak forgiveness we then begin to mean it and eventually to feel it and at last we will be able to forget it. For some this may be a long process, but we must persevere so that our Father may forgive us.

    About Author

    I came to Jesus way back in 1977 and God has taught me a lot over the years.


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