Radio DJ - To Sunday Nites - Part 2.

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Well I certainly learned quickly how to use all the equipment and ended up being live on air for 5 years. Firstly with a slot in the morning doing a secular program and then after much persuation and 2 years later, I managed to start my own christian radio program, on Sunday Nights. Having a Christian program on a secular station was unheard of....This is what I believe the Lord wanted me to do and the reason I was there in the first place.

This began a long, fun and interesting ministry for me as I played all my favorite christian music as well as having a time where folks could call in for requests. I had created a christian kids section, ole time music, instrumental, country, rock, contemporary and pure worship section. So that as many christian genre's were catered for. There was also a section that I set aside for a mighty man of God called Bill Subritzky whom by divine chance, I met at one of his evangelism/healing meetings. He sent me 50 of his CDs which were created specifically for radio. What a blessing and what a God moment that was....

There were various musicans who came in and played live. When musicians who were part of the foreign exchange program from our local college were available, I would invite them up as well, including some of our local christian artists.

One particular musician, I will always remember was my Scottish friend who played the warring Bagpipes. Oh my, It was so loud and so powerful, it nearly blew the windows out of the station.

Sometimes I would get visiting christian speakers up for a chat. Even members of my family have sung a few Items. Every now and then I would get a call from a Pastor or their wives or listeners themselves, to get me to pray for their needs, particularly healing. I was always happy to do that on-air if people wanted me to. Asking them (listeners) to stretch out their hands toward the radio and pray along with me. After these many years on Sunday Nights, I had to give it up due to other job commitments

I can truly say that this was an awesome and inspiring ministry and something I would never have got to experience, if it were not for the Holy Spirit prompting me in another direction. I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity to be able to serve my brothers and Sisters in Christ and also my community in this way.

Be Blessed!


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