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Stealing Dream

By Mayflower · Sep 10, 2019 ·
  1. I was in this grocery store and had Lorena in one arm with this can of tea packets. And got some milk from the fridge area. Then I got busy. I put the tea down, because I realize I only had money for the milk, then got busy and forgot to pay for the milk. So I just took off the milk label to being it back in to pay, since I was carrying Lorena (didn't walk in my dream), then after paying left.

    So then I looked on my phone and saw a video of me getting the milk out of the fridge and a red circle around the tea. They thought I stole the tea. So in my dream I explained what happened and he sort of believed me. He said I wasn't in trouble again if the story checked out, and I woke up.


    I have some weird dreams. Lol. But in a way this gave me a laugh, because I have this irrational fear that I will be accused of stealing even though Ive never stolen and don't plan to ever steal. So it sort of helped me realize hey, if I ever make a mistake, it will work out. Because I will always do what is right. God knows what I do and everything in my heart.


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