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The Secret Place Of the Most High!

By Angelina · May 3, 2020 · ·
  1. I had a dream a few years back around 2018. In this dream I was in what appeared to be a house. It was unusual as it had no windows and seemed to be a collection of many rooms at least 3 stories in height with a mezzanine floor between them The rooms also had no ordinary doors but rather small hatches that took you from one room to another or stairs that took you to another floor. You could see what was happening in each part of the house because of the mezzanine floor. I was with a lot of people but did not recognise anyone. Some of them were people, others were angels. Some of the people could see the angels while others could not.

    We were all in one room in my dream. It was like a lounge where there were lots of sofas and seating for people to sit on. The people who could not see the angels would ask us to enquire about certain things on their behalf, which we did and the angels would answer. Mostly about heavenly things. I and a few others, could see the angels plainly.

    They looked like ordinary people. Anyway, if you knew me personally, you would know, I like to spend time alone with the Lord a lot of the time so I decided to go into another room. I went through a hatch door and ended up in another lounge. I found some stairs that took me up to the next floor and there was an alcove which I hid behind just to get some space away from everyone.

    An angel followed me but turned in another direction rather than going towards the alcove. I noticed another hatch which seemed to be slightly hidden within the wall of the alcove and pushed it open. I found myself on a juliette balcony outside. It wasn't very large and it was made of fancy black wrought iron rails. I scrunched up and sat there feeling a sense of peace. As I looked around I noticed that the outside of the building appeared to be an apartment and not a house. There were no windows at all. It was a dark night outside and It looked like it may have been raining as the street lights created a beautiful, glistening mirage on the tar sealed roadway below. It was breathtaking.


    Suddenly I felt compelled to jump down from my perch and take a walk. It was a nice night.When my feet hit the ground onto the road, I got a flash in my head of the angel that was following me before.

    He knew that I had jumped down. I took only one step then suddenly I felt like I had been encompassed by something big. It felt like I was in a cocoon. I could tell that I was off the ground and could feel myself being upside down and moving very fast. I could not break the strength of this cocoon but did feel feathers when I reached behind my back to try to work out what I was in.

    I was lifted up to another balcony which appeared to be made of concrete on the side of another building. Then I noted the angel. He left me there to fight with a dark looking angel in mid air. I saw the angel fall and then he came back to pick me up. He took me back to that Juliette balcony and we entered back into the house. I noticed that his size changed back to a normal person size and he looked like one of us again but when he was outside the building, he was a huge angelic being. The dream ended and I was puzzled for a while.

    Then I got a revelation of that dream just recently. The building is a hidden place which God has reserved for his people. Some of the people in that house were prophets while others were Seers. Prophets hear the word of the Lord and Seers can see and hear. They are together in a place hidden and protected by God and his angels for a time. There was a time when God use to send me a prayer partner and we would pray for whatever God had us to pray for.

    This has changed within the past few years and now I am amongst many unknown born-again believers with a similar calling, who gather together in a hidden place. He did not like me to go outside as it alerted the enemy of our whereabouts. I hope I can behave a little bit better in future....

    May this dream find you well and inspires you to continue in your prayer time until God tells you otherwise.

    Blessings and Peace!


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  1. Tetha
    Beautiful picture! Very renessaunce. (sp?)