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The Wedding Dream

By Mayflower · Aug 16, 2019 ·
  1. Last night: August 15, 2019

    There were dummy puppets trying to get me excited about the Word of God. But I wasn't getring anything out of it.

    Another flash were a lot of teenagers playing games and like a couple others who went in to actually study the Word of God. But she barely begun and said something wrong when they had to stop, because a wedding was starting and they had to wait until it was over to continue. All the while teenagers were laughing outside in another room playing games. The other teens went back out to play games and I went into this kitchen area looking for something to eat. And I saw the bride from the wedding. The wedding was getting ready to start, so I couldn't get anything to eat. and I woke up.


    Same night I was in this building with my husband. And this group of Mexicans came in. My husband started telling this story of a new job working on this huge dam. He talked low about it that it was manual labor lifting huge rocks and things. I could tell that the dam was about to burst. Then I started speaking in tongues to the Mexicans in their native language. And they looked at me strangely and gave me a few coins. I put them in this gambling machine and hit the jackpot of around 300 dollars. Then I spoke in tongues again and their eyes got really big and believed in God. And they started leaving fast out of this glass door and I said "Wait, what did I say?"

    And he said. It is all about the same....faith, forgiveness, and thanksgiving. And I woke up.


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