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By marksman · Feb 9, 2020 ·
  1. I am a cricket fan and because of the size of the country I live in, and limited mobility I cannot get to major matches. Soooooooooo I always watch on TV and that means all day in some cases. I know I am a cricket tragic as they call them. I can't help it as I played cricket when I was young, umpired cricket matches and coached cricket. Just that I picked a sport that takes a long time to play, although, now with 20/20 it only takes three hours of an evening.

    I am not a dedicated watcher in the sense that all I do is sit there with my eyes glued to the set. Usually, I am reading a book, magazine or newspaper at the same time so that I can get in my quota of reading for that day. And nine times out of ten, it gives one of my cats the opportunity to share her love with me by sitting on my lap. I have tried to get them interested in watching the cricket but no success I am afraid. Sleep is more interesting.

    The cricket season has finished down under so what to watch on TV. I usually don't watch films because most are being shown for the umpteenth time. I don't watch soapies as most are boring. I don't watch children's programmes because I am past that stage. I don't watch reality TV because it is not reality. I don't watch comedy programmes because the comedians cannot put two sentences together without swearing or blaspheming. I don't watch programmes that comment on present-day issues because most of the time God is a dirty word and half the time it is fake news.

    Apart from the obvious fact that most programmes have been shown at least 10 times already, especially films.

    So what is there left? Besides my favourite sport, all I can find is programmes about natural history where we are treated to beautiful shots of wildlife. I ignore all the commentary that tells us they have been evolving for billions of years and just enjoy the sights and sounds.

    Therefore I cannot see how Christians spend inordinate amounts of time watching TV as there is nothing to watch apart from your favourite sport. So do tell me, what is so captivating that Christians have to spend so much time watching TV?

    Beats me.


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