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By marksman · Jun 12, 2020 ·
  1. This year's US Elections are shaping up to be very interesting. We have a President that is somewhat of a mystery as he does some very good things and he does some very bad things. I will leave you to decide which is which. He appears to know what he is doing, just that he seems not to have refined the way he does them.

    I will point out that he is in another life a very successful billionaire and you don't become one of those by being all nice and soft-hearted. Most of these sorts of people have had to learn how to cut through in tough environments and the person who wins is usually the last man standing. Donald Trump has proved to be one of those.

    I find it difficult to imagine that having become President, he would change him modus operandi and become all nicey-nicey and bow before the establishment and do what they want.

    The Democrats run the establishment so it is reasonable to believe that they wanted their candidate to win so they could marry up the two and not have any problem legislating for perversion and sin. Any Christian who wants to see such a scenario is, of course, going to vote for Joe Biden. He has said he will undo all that Donald Trump has done to curtail the incidence of abortion and give it free rein. In other words, he will turn America into a legal killing field.

    The biggest mistake anyone makes on voting day is to believe that the government will solve all our problems, they won't and they can't. All they can do is soften the blow of a decadent society or as the case maybe, give it free rein to destroy society.

    So a vote for Donald Trump is not a vote for perfection. It is a vote to keep the wolf from the door in the guise of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

    It always worries me when I see the word Democratic in a title as in most cases when something is known as the Democratic anything, it usually means they are far from democratic as in the Democratic Republic of China which is a totalitarian State.

    Donald Trump turned things around when he was elected President. He wasn't perfect by any means but as an alternative to the "Democratic" Hillary Clinton, he was by far the better candidate for the people of America.

    So, don't let personal feelings get in the way of your vote and ask, "what's in it for me." Ask "What is in it for America?"


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