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  1. farouk
  2. farouk
  3. Pathfinder7
  4. Ron Coates
    I grew up in the shadow of potential nuclear warfare. The cause was communism. So much of today's youth have been indoctrinated into marxism. They think it's a good idea. Much of what comes to them as entertainment and education are loaded down...
  5. Heart2Soul
    Excellent scripture verses! I am going to save these to my drive for future reference!
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  6. farouk
    I think of the little Hebrew maid who served the leper Naaman. Humanly speaking she might have had every reason to resent the Syrians and just be content to let Naaman's leprosy take its course. But instead of being consumed by bitterness, she in...
  7. farouk
    PS: @Heart2Soul 's avatar shows someone in armour! :)
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  8. farouk
    Hi @VictoryinJesus The Ephesians 6 passage about the whole armour of God is indeed so encouraging. I saw a book by William Gurnall called 'The Christian in Complete Armour', written in the 17th century, which is basically an exposition of...
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  9. K9Buck
  10. K9Buck