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  1. TruthBeliever
    Old and New Testament are great in showing us one true and living God... The Holy One, the Evelasting.
  2. farouk
    Christ in all the Scriptures, indeed... :)
  3. Mjh29
    Van Til is very Scripture oriented, but he also acknowledges that God is not illogical. The entirety of creation shows forth God's glory, and those who claim otherwise are only fooling themselves.
  4. farouk
    I do like Van Til's high view of Scripture, indeed. How do you get along with his use of logic? I'm accustomed to direct appeals to Scripture and word studies; I do struggle with a heavy use of logical propositions which sometimes don't seem to...
  5. farouk
    Psalm 2 is very searching; I love how it ends with the blessedness of trusting God!
  6. farouk
    Ecclesiastes is a very searching book! the opposite of reading typical of "young men in a hurry"...
  7. farouk
  8. farouk
    For me, Job is probably among the most searching of Bible books. I think of the statement: 'Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.' (Job 13.15)
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  9. farouk
    The Isaiah 40 quote in 1 Peter chapter 1 is very effective, isn't it? :) Peter's argument seems to be: hence the need for the new birth via the Word.
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  10. farouk
    Great to be aware from Scripture of the huge importance of the Incarnation of the Saviour! :)
  11. farouk
    Beloved passage, often read around Christmas! Another passage I love is John 1.1-14, about the Incarnation.
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  12. farouk
  13. farouk
    Sometimes that tune has gone through my mind also! :)
  14. farouk
    Without the camp: this is indeed such an important perspective. By faith we identify with the Homeless Stranger.
  15. CoreIssue
    I have been a Bible student for 57 years. I started with the KJV back in 1962. But I found so many errors and problems I began looking for another translation. The NASB was better than the King James version and still is. Much more accurate....
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  16. farouk
    Great sentiment! My wife and I are currently reading through John's Gospel.
  17. farouk
    PS: Good Psalm verse, too! :)
  18. farouk
  19. Man on Fire
    Question: Why curse someone at all? Honor is a concept many people do not understand in the Post Modern World. God is a man of honor. I may have proven God exists, and that God is self-evident. How many people took notice? A few?...
  20. farouk
    Great Psalm and nice design. For I moment I thought it was a tattoo design! (It does look like one a bit, doesn't it?)