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  1. robert derrick
    I dont know what adventists you are talking about, but 'In the beginning was the Word' is definitely NOT saying 'In the beginning OF the Word' As thought Word that was with God and was God Began in the beginning. No more than Gen 1:1 was saying...
  2. Pathfinder7
    "This is the hour for the warrior spirit to arise.." - Good point.
  3. Tone
    Wow, I just woke up from a dream...a kind of frightening one...but it was excitingly so... ...it was an embarkation... And this blog post has so much confirmation, it's... exhilarating... like word for word stuff!!!!
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  4. FluffyYellowDuck
    I have refused to read Song of Songs and I have never read the blogs. This is the first time I've been able to read it in about five years. I am glad I did. I cried. @Mayflower @Hidden In Him @Tone Worth the read "Place me like a seal over...
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  5. Illuminator
    Aside from all the numerous factual and historical errors, why didn't anybody interpret Revelation the way you do before Charles Russel Taze and Ellen G. White came along? The commonalities are astonishing.
  6. Pathfinder7
  7. Wrangler
    Agreed. On Judgment Day, there is eternal consequences but not ongoing rewards or punishment. There is a link I'll post later that delves into this.
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