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  1. John Caldwell
    This is Anthony's report showing the number of warnings. He has 26, yet he called me a liar for saying he had over 25, from the Baptist Board.
  2. farouk
    Anyway, I reckon his grandmother was pleased and proud of him there; whatever she may think of other stuff that grandchildren do, such as get ink. Great smile on his face! :)
  3. farouk
    @michaelvpardo Yes, art -whether someone else's but especially one's own - can exude a lot of peaceful - but also stimulating - feelings.
  4. michaelvpardo
    @farouk This was the first painting that I painted after many years of doing no artwork at all and I made some technical blunders. However I do like the way the waves came out and I find it as...
  5. farouk
    Reminds me of the Japanese 'Rising Sun', over the Pacific...

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