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  1. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    Great! I got a one a day vitamin and vegetable beef soup. Gotta get those vitamins in.
  2. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    Sounds like good advice. I slept for like 14 hours yesterday. And have some good food to eat now. Thanks!
  3. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    I got the two initial shots.
  4. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    I've been having this for about a week now, just feels like flu at night, but lately it's been during the day too.
  5. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    That's what I hear. So I'm happy.
  6. dev553344

    What's this shady operation I'm finding?

    I just read that the gov isn't paying for this booster like they had the other ones. So what's really going on? U.S. plans to stop buying Covid shots for the public this fall. Here's what that means for you
  7. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    Thanks, so far just some ibuprofen has been enough to feel better. I'm not totally sure if it's COVID or not. I checked online for symptoms and such and it matched COVID better than anything else. We'll see how long it lasts. So far since the pandemic started I've only been ill for a couple days...
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  9. dev553344

    Finally caught COVID!

    I think I may have finally caught COVID-19. Not too sick though, just some mild body aches and a headache. Knock on wood. Cheers!
  10. dev553344

    He gave you God

    Often times it is the Holy Ghost that gives me courage.
  11. dev553344

    He gave you God

    In study of the old testament we see God and Moses protecting his people against the wicked.
  12. dev553344

    God, please, keep me safe

    Praying God keep you safe.
  13. dev553344

    Another one bites the dust, Queer Queen, 90yr old Feinstein is dead.

    Well I never really followed her but I did see FB posts complaining about her. Why is it only the rich that seem to get into power anyways.
  14. dev553344

    Glad I found this website

  15. dev553344

    Elon Musk on the shoplifting epidemic

    Personally I think the children are being indoctrinated by the schools and online content. And that indoctrination is evil.