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  1. Hisman

    100+ Christian Universalist Websites

    Nice to have them all in one place ..Well done , hope you get many visitors to it! I will take a like …. Done! WOW…I just took a look ..why on earth is the font so HUGE!! Yikes! :contemplate:
  2. Hisman

    Does God love you?

    No doubt whatsoever ! not only does He love every one…He died for us, He Himself became our saviour. God ‘IS’ Love.
  3. Hisman

    What is the one true Church?

    The One true Church - are the bloodwashed overcoming faithful believers in Jesus Christ .
  4. Hisman

    Open Discussion of UR Chapter Four - The Gates of Hell...

    Re Opening post - GOD WINS, HE ALWAYS DOES!! As in Adam all die , even so in Christ shall all be made alive. …
  5. Hisman

    Is love more important than faith?

    Excellent post...I agree, they are equally important. Be blessed ....
  6. Hisman

    SDA: Seventh Dilemma Adventism

    Interesting. So was- “Truth was Truth even in the mouth of Satan” ...the donkey wasn’t ,The Liar and father of liars!
  7. Hisman

    Are Some Unable To Be Renewed To Repentance?

    Hello brother Have you ever visited many mental institutions ? They are half full of Christians which have driven themselves over the top crazy, by believing that the verse refers to them . We have counselled so many , but it’s next to impossible to change their mind. Whatever they did, they...
  8. Hisman

    Are Some Unable To Be Renewed To Repentance?

    Brother, because so many people on this forum have an opinion. And , as in another thread, to save arguments , it is wiser to say IMHO, than ‘light a fire’ and declare “this is what God says” For in truth that is boasting that the said person is declaring that they have a clearer...
  9. Hisman

    Are Some Unable To Be Renewed To Repentance?

    My personal belief is that I believe no one is past repentance. I have seen souls destroyed by that verse in Hebrews . They died tormented by it. God be praised. H
  10. Hisman

    Are Some Unable To Be Renewed To Repentance?

    Short answer. No. Long answer - Nooooooo.
  11. Hisman

    Rapture Ready For Partial Rapture?

    For what it is worth, I agree. It is just better if we walk how we are called to walk. Then , when God 'rolls up the carpet' so to speak, we are ready. Live ready. The rapture or not, we walk the line because we love Him, not to be ready and worthy to escape!! Something wrong with that...
  12. Hisman

    No-one has gone to heaven?

    So says your mouth! But your posts and the way you call people Fools and sneer , is firstly very unladylike, and secondly , shows that you really have no idea what a true Christian is. I could not in any way call you a sister in Christ .
  13. Hisman

    Can men with a mullet haircut be saved?

    Well done, this is the best thread on the whole Site! And it makes much more sense than 95% of all the threads put together . :D :D :D
  14. Hisman

    The Apostate Holy Laughter Movement

    I have read your 52 post in this one thread . Yet you have convinced no one but yourself - you are not worthy of any response . Many others have tried , but your ears are close just as your heart is . I am sorry for you , ‘you know not what spirit you are of’. I have also read your other...
  15. Hisman

    The Apostate Holy Laughter Movement

    Brother, your description was clear. None so blind as those who do not want to see. You are wasting your time in trying. They will never see, as they have their eyes closed. What you shared was a good testimony, but wasted here. Be blessed bro.
  16. Hisman

    Mind Loops

    Yes, very well said . When our children were small, we fed them and they amazingly grew. Even when they ate too much, or something bad for them they got sick...but they were still our children. Many parents have lost children. When they died were they any the less - their children?
  17. Hisman

    Starting with "A", a persons first Name, where they are from and what they do . I'll Start :)

    These are ALL so good. I like every one of them :) Timothy from Toronto , Timidly Turns Turnips into Tasty Tea.
  18. Hisman

    Vitamin "X" (Warding off Coronavirus)

    But the subject title, I can’t really see any connection to it? What has the title to do with your posts ? Enlighten me. Thanks
  19. Hisman

    i bow to God and Jesus

    These threads that you keep starting are not threads at all. You just post a question but do not follow it up. You have 93 now but you do not seem interested in any real answers . English not being your first language or not, really isn't an excuse for 93 posts which say nothing. :oops: