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  1. Episkopos

    The Godly Heresy of Sinless Perfectionism

    Most believers will never walk in the Spirit. This idea of a "saved" status has destroyed the race of faith for many. People are now taught that entering into the wilderness walk (by an initial grace) is all there Promised Land on this side of eternity. Only those who are called by God...
  2. Episkopos

    The Godly Heresy of Sinless Perfectionism

    Jesus said that very few would be able to enter into the narrow way and walk the narrow path. Of course, that doesn't make much sense to the modern believer since most people walk in their own power and just claim that they are doing so on a level that is equivalent with the very righteousness...
  3. Episkopos

    Salvation in the Last Days: Working Your Way to Heaven?

    The Bible says..."work out your own salvation with fear and trembling?" Phil. 2:12 Also that we can be cut as easily or more easily than the Israelites in the wilderness...who were almost all rejected. "For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee." Rom...
  4. Episkopos

    The Gospel: From law to grace

    1. Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. 2. He became the sin of ALL men. 3. The only way that you are making that about you is merely to CLAIM it is for you personally 4. That puts you as the one who decides you are saved. The truth is that receiving the gift of grace gives you the power...
  5. Episkopos

    Oh Boy! Seeing So Much!

    Actually, not so much. In between the words for THE (article) faithful and THE (article) saints is the conjunction "kai" which means "and". We are called to be in, the high calling. But we can be faithful in what God has given to us. Not only the saints are saved. These are...
  6. Episkopos

    The Gospel: From law to grace

    This without question. Whoever GOD makes clean is clean. However, in your scheme you would have being made clean by people rather than God. There is a big difference between being made clean by God and being made clean by our own decision to believe or not. Notice what you wrote..."See, every...
  7. Episkopos

    The Gospel: From law to grace

    Actually, Jesus died for ALL of the sins of the whole world. It is very wrong to take the fulness of what Jesus did for oneself. Only God can forgive and justify.
  8. Episkopos

    The Gospel: From law to grace

    I think we confuse OT forgiveness with NT grace. God has always been merciful....and He forgives. NT grace however is where we are empowered to live in a way where we no longer need forgiveness...since we are waling in the love of God. Where there is remission (freedom) of sins there is no...
  9. Episkopos

    The Gospel: From law to grace

    There is an Old Testament grace and a New Testament grace. This video explores the difference.
  10. Episkopos

    Really need prayer

    Nancy you are always in my prayers. :) May you find an even higher purpose than that which you have ever known. The Lord guide you and direct your steps. <><
  11. Episkopos

    We Are An Overcomer Through Him

    I'm going with the gospel. Must we reduce God to what we are? Is that what you are suggesting. Do you think you have arrived at the pinnacle of Christ-likeness? And yet such is the will of God. Do you believe we are to walk by faith...or by what we can do by the power of the flesh? What do we...
  12. Episkopos

    We Are An Overcomer Through Him

    Through grace we are made able to walk as Jesus walked.,..without spot or wrinkle of sin. New Covenant grace is the power of God us-ward who believe... INTO Jesus, By abiding in Him we overcome as He overcame the flesh, the world and the devil.
  13. Episkopos

    The spirit of Protestantism!

    It wasn't so much poor theology as corrupt practice. Luther had his own issues that he wanted to model into the church...not from God but from his own issues. So then the bad theology came into the Reformation in the guise of reforming bad practices.
  14. Episkopos

    A Form of godliness

    There are two levels to be understood here. There is a huge difference between a godly man and a man of God. It is good to be wise but God hides His ways from the wise. Wisdom is on more than one level....hochmah and toushiyah. The latter is an eternal wisdom of which the first is only a part...
  15. Episkopos

    The spirit of Protestantism!

    The options given here are either to follow a rabid monk called Luther or else an ecclesiastical golden calf called the pope. If there was true humility on this thread there would be no religious grandstanding at all. ALL denominations (religions with names) in "let us make a name for...
  16. Episkopos

    Writing Music

    Hey Davy, Yes. I'm a musician...I was called as such when I was converted to Christ. I do recordings in various styles. I don't really gig anymore. I write, compose and play bass and guitar and some keyboards..and sing periodically. I'm currently finishing up a world beat jazz album project...
  17. Episkopos

    Curious to know your thoughts on these verses (Luke 16)

    This parable reveals the difference between holiness and righteousness. The holy ones are held to a higher standard. If that standard cannot be kept then we are permitted to find a home among the be accepted there for an eternal habitation. Without that understanding of...
  18. Episkopos

    Bounty offered for finding a verse alive

    "God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?" Num. 23:19
  19. Episkopos

    Share Ways God Led You out of Worldiness

    Hi Wynona! I don't know if this qualifies but learning Hebrew and studying the bible in the "lishon kodesh" (holy tongue) has helped to give my another facet to my understanding of God and His ways. If we are caught up with the things of the Lord then we will not be drawn into the world.
  20. Episkopos

    RECONCILE all SCRIPTURE--Or Be Silent.

    A good example of this even within the same verse is... "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Rom. 6:23 People are conditioned to read this as an either or...rather than an all-inclusive statement. This is akin to being married "for...