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    Philadelphia and Laodicea.

    These are the last two churches described in Revelation. Most people assume that one happens after the other. The OT shows us that before the first fall of Jerusalem there was a revival under Josiah and a falling away soon after his death. So, you had those that took part in the last and...
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    Will There Be A (Pre-Trib Rapture) As Many Claim?

    I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. I have since realized that it is based on a single verse of scripture, its messy, and we are not exempt from persecution in the future.
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    The Valley of Armageddon

    Its where the invading armies meet to ascend toward Jerusalem.
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    What prophecies regarding Israel’s regathering have already been or are being fulfilled?

    Dt 30 is where the return of Israel is first mentioned.
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    Is "The Beast" another name for Satan's corrupt, worldly, system?

    Abimelek died after his head was crushed by a mill stone while attacking a city. A fatal injury to the head by a military man. The beast is also a military entity who in concert with the false prophet and others are part of the end time tribulation period.
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    Israel is NOT God's people!

    Dt 30 and Am 9 speak of the return of Israel in the end time.
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    The use of precedent in prophecy.

    Isa 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure: When a leader establishes an example to be followed, it is known as a precedent. God establishes and follows precedents all...
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    From the pen of Ellen White

    Believers have the right to choose when to worship. I do not condemn them for that.
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    From the pen of Ellen White

    I'm SDA, I started out as Pentecostal and married into the church some 10 yrs ago. I made friends and a couple of years later became convicted about the Sabbath. I believe that coming from different backgrounds is a good thing when all you want to do is share Christ among friends. Hopefully we...
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    Making the Prophet, Daniel's life and visions explored.

    Daniel was part of a small, zealous group of youths from the Judean captivity. Daniel was with God's help, able to decipher and interpret dreams. When he interpreted the king's dream he was for all effects and purposes untouchable, which explains why he was not accused with his friends. Daniel...
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    SDA: Seventh Dilemma Adventism

    I'm SDA, I don't believe everything I hear, I trust only the bible for truth. SDA's believe in Isaiah 5 where it describes a Vineyard that only produced wild grapes. They believe that the church will become corrupted in the last days and that they will persecute true believers. I also believe...
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    Soul Sleep yes or no?

    You have Jesus mentioning lazarus and the rich man because the pharisees, because of their exposure to other beliefs believed in an immortal soul.
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    Mustard Seed of Faith

    Seeds need to be planted in order to grow and produce fruit. We choose to plant from the word of God and each step we take, each choice we make are reflective of that. Acting upon what we accept comes first in baby steps and with time the steps become larger until we are covering a lot of ground...
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    What Does Heaven Look Like?

    I had a vision when I was 19. It starts with me praying in front of a platform within dark clouds. I saw upon the platform a throne with the figure of a man whose face I couldn't see because it was hidden by an intense light. I then saw around me orbs that were within reach, the Spirit telling...