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  1. quietthinker

    In His Name....what does it mean?

    'If you ask anything in my name I will do it'.....Jesus. John 13:13-14 Let's see HOW we understand this saying of Jesus! That's right, we'll discuss it. Could it mean the ability to get God's ear is contingent on more people praying? Does it mean that if we tack 'in Jesus name' at the end of...
  2. quietthinker

    The Myth of the Christian Religion

    Check it out....13 minute interview Greg Boyd Tackles The Myth Of The Christian Religion
  3. quietthinker

    Axe at the root of the tree!

    Rustling leaves, breaking off twigs...even branches is tolerated; the tree is not necessarily threatened but chop into the root and you have a serious problem. Satan's empire is not threatened with leaf rustling, some twigs or even branches broken off but watch out when the axe hits the roots...
  4. quietthinker

    Paradigm...HOW we think

    How we think as opposed to what we think affects what we hear and see and feel. The how factor is determined by the influences in upbringing, by culture, by education. How critically informs us and is done mostly in the unconscious. To use a very basic example; a person stands with their arms...
  5. quietthinker

    Yes, yes, we all believe in Jesus; now let's get onto the important stuff!

    ....the important stuff? Isn't that the things rattled on about? If it wasn't we wouldn't make such a big deal of it! Luke 6:45 '.....out of the abundance of the heart the mouth/pen speaks'
  6. quietthinker

    We don't get it!

    Yup, that's it, we don't get it! Have a look at all the threads on this many did you say there was? hundreds, maybe thousands? Consider what the disciples were passionate about after the resurrection, what they spoke about, what they lived and to whom/what they bore witness, what...
  7. quietthinker

    Who gave Jesus to who?

    Did God give Jesus to the world so that the world could give Jesus back to God? How does this work? What am I talking about here? The traditional Christian view is that God gave us his lamb (Jesus) so that we could kill it and give it back...... dead. Did God want a dead lamb from...
  8. quietthinker

    Picture of God

    What Satan is achieving is a miserable picture of God. He paints God with his own attributes and uses scripture to that end. A hell which burns unendingly where people are tortured unendingly is one such projection. In general he has painted God as itching to get revenge who attempts to coerce...
  9. quietthinker

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye....

    amidst all the clatter and clamour to how right I my my gifts of giving other people direction and my unmatched unsolicited advice.....and you'll take the straightest and surest path to the the heavenly glories and if you're lucky you might get to be one of the 144000! I...
  10. quietthinker

    The Caricature of Mohamed ......

    .....will outrage many religious Moslems and have them calling for execution. 'Sacred Cows' will do that even in religious Christian circles. The 'religious' spirit is identified by the willingness to do violence, whether it's physical, whether it's emotional or psychological. The out-ing...
  11. quietthinker


    Check out this discussion if understanding Biblical idioms is of interest to you: 101 Idioms And The Bible Part One
  12. quietthinker

    Did she say something wrong?

    The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. Acts 16:17
  13. quietthinker

    The Sacrifice of Jesus.....revisited

    The sacrifice of Jesus:- 1...Was it to balance some sort of scales justice/injustice...cosmic or otherwise? 2...Was it because God had a taste for blood? 3...Is 'sacrifice' the right word ...and if so, why? 4...Did Jesus have anything to say about sacrifice....if so, what? Who has the courage...
  14. quietthinker

    The sacrifice of Jesus....revisited

    Some interesting questions arise with the sacrifice of Jesus ie, how is this to be understood? 1...Does God require a sacrifice as in the slaying of an innocent before he will forgive? 2...If God is love and love keeps no record of wrongs as attested in 1 Cor. 13 the light of this, how do...
  15. quietthinker

    ...they follow the lamb wherever he goes...

    ...they follow the lamb wherever he goes... Revelation 14:4 how would you understand this?....don't answer too quickly
  16. quietthinker

    In Jesus Name?

    In Jesus Name....what does the scripture mean by this or maybe I should ask, what do you understand by this? Is it a magical formula which when used at the end of a prayer will deliver the goods that not using it won't? What do you think and why did Jesus say, 'if you ask anything in my name I...
  17. quietthinker


    So you blow it again, where to from here? Trying harder hasn't worked for you? hasn't worked for me either. Yeah yeah, the resolve is there and for a while I pat myself on my back, maybe you do to? 'I've beat the offending characteristic, I'm on my way to heaven'...hallelujah, praise the...
  18. quietthinker

    Origins, Objectives and Understandings.

    Every culture has its story of beginnings....some mythological, some based on perceived recorded history, some on 'scientific discoveries' etc etc. One thing is certain; whatever our view, it effects how we join the dots ie, how we see objectives and how we understand. In my view, Jesus, the...
  19. quietthinker

    What sort of assumption makes one think.......

    God approved of Elijah slaying 400 priests of Baal or David slaying his thousands?
  20. quietthinker

    The Ignore Option

    Yup, you know about it on this forum and how it works. Have you considered that the sin against the Holy Spirit is non other than putting him on ignore......and what happens then? well, no matter how much he tries to communicate he cannot be heard but to flatter oneself that one is all ears, the...