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  1. ButterflyJones

    We are judged by works, not by faith

    Yes, I know. :) I'm not wobbly in the least. You haven't corrected anything I wrote there. You just added to it. And I thank you for that. This is where we have it wrong. We were made imperfect by God. That's why we are born to be sinners. It is what some refer to as a sin nature. Because ...
  2. ButterflyJones

    COVID Hospitalizations on the rise....

    I was in line at the grocery store the other day. The cashier was wearing a decorative cloth mask, very pretty. The customer she was checking out looked at her as she paid her bill and said, why are you wearing a mask still? COVID is over with you know. To her credit the cashier just smiled and...
  3. ButterflyJones

    We are judged by works, not by faith

    If we knowingly commit evil acts , we are not in Christ. And have never known him. As God tells us. Sin is not a thing. Sin is the act of disappointing God and his rules. We are not perfect. We are forgiven for our mistakes.
  4. ButterflyJones

    How was your day?

    Awesome. I just found this video featuring a hero of the Holocaust. God eternally bless you sir.
  5. ButterflyJones

    We are judged by works, not by faith

    We are judged by both. However, we are not saved by performing good deeds. Our good deeds are evidence we are saved by God's grace.
  6. ButterflyJones

    Justified by works: Keeping the law of God is not a sin

    Let's go with that scenario. Adam and Eve were like children in the beginning. No knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil. However, when they made their first innocent mistake God condemned all generations following them to sin. Sin isn't a thing. Sin is exercising disobedience against...
  7. ButterflyJones

    The happy thread

  8. ButterflyJones

    Wildfires in Maui - live updates. Please pray.

    Here's the latest live feed. 80 people confirmed dead.:(
  9. ButterflyJones

    Pope embraces Islam. Calls it Chrislam

    You're welcome to believe as you do. I'll take God at his word. Because if I add to it or rework it to fit my preference, I am not then believing God's word. I'm believing in mine.
  10. ButterflyJones

    How do you forgive God?

    Job's suffering showed us Satan can do nothing to God's people without God's permission.
  11. ButterflyJones

    Today: Hunter Biden appears in Delaware Federal Court

    Likely so. I don't think HB is worried. The big man would pardon him worst case.
  12. ButterflyJones

    Wildfires in Maui - live updates. Please pray.

    :( 67 confirmed today.
  13. ButterflyJones

    I think I finally lost my faith

    No mortal delivered you. God did that. As to the rest,no curse awaits me. It's on the record. I don't need to convince you.
  14. ButterflyJones

    The happy thread

    What did one circus lion say to the other? "I just love a night of dinner and a show."
  15. ButterflyJones

    The happy thread

    Angel descending. CGI is awesome.
  16. ButterflyJones

    The happy thread

    :woohoo!:So precious.
  17. ButterflyJones

    I think I finally lost my faith

    TD Joshua died years ago after a stroke. Maybe look into his history as a charlatan and conman.:(
  18. ButterflyJones

    The Gospel Plus Nothing

    You live in a closed Christian community? Many don't "know" that. Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists, Muslims, etc...