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  1. JazzyJeff15

    Pronoun abuse

    I pray for the parents of young children on here. I pray such a thing never happens to any of you
  2. JazzyJeff15

    Dramatic Rise in Black Support for Trump

    I think its important to remember we are Christian before we are Republican or Democrat. If you spend alot of time listening to Fox or CNN it will make it very difficult to love people on the other side, we should try to avoid labeling others as well Im not in any way saying that we shouldnt...
  3. JazzyJeff15

    Leave Your Heavy Burden at the Cross, Indian Gospel group

    I had to do some digging to find this thread, these guys are good! But i wanted to find the song posted in the OP, i knew i remembered commenting in here
  4. JazzyJeff15

    NBA Dallas Mavericks vs NY Nicks - HILARIOUS Reaction

    Lets go Knicks!! Luka should come play for us lol
  5. JazzyJeff15

    Homosexuality: Wrong or Right?

    I should share my opinion instead of just complaining about Christianforums lol Homosexuality is a sin but its not too big for God to forgive. I think sexual sin is something many of us struggle with and it comes in many different forms. Im not a homosexual but i dont feel any more pure then...
  6. JazzyJeff15

    Leave Your Heavy Burden at the Cross, Indian Gospel group

    This is amazing. I thank you for posting this, i want to check out more of their music when i get a chance
  7. JazzyJeff15

    Homosexuality: Wrong or Right?

    Cant be as bad as
  8. JazzyJeff15

    To Spirit-filled Christians who DID NOT get the jab

    I must admit im lukewarm myself. I feel my spirit is very willing but also at war with my flesh which is very weak I do admire that your able to hear Gods voice and how strong your faith is. Im also sorry to hear that you have been called names. Rejection doesnt feel good especially when it...
  9. JazzyJeff15

    To Spirit-filled Christians who DID NOT get the jab

    People will most likely not agree on this topic and it will cause division. I didnt get any vaccinations but regardless of who did or didnt i just wanna say that im rooting for everyone here to stay healthy through all of this!
  10. JazzyJeff15

    Game Over

  11. JazzyJeff15

    paul is a hypocrite right?[poll is not related to the title]

    I believe Pauls saying we need to set our minds on the desires of the spirit and not the desires of the flesh. But hes also speaking on how strong the desires of the flesh are and how difficult it can be battling them Its taken me a long time to realize how difficult it is for us Christians to...
  12. JazzyJeff15

    Should a Christian smoke marijuana?

    Im on 20 days now. All credit goes to the Lord because history proved time and time again i couldnt do this on my own. No desire to go back
  13. JazzyJeff15

    Looks Like I Picked A Bad Week To...

    Looks like i picked a bad week to tune into CNN and Fox news... Or wait, every week is a bad week for that since all they do is convince their viewers to hate the side that it opposite to them Ill stick with listening to the Christian radio station and other Christian content. Every week is...
  14. JazzyJeff15

    what irritates the crud out of me about "Christians" so-called

    I certainly see God's sovereignty in that verse but to be truthful at least as of now I dont see human responsibility. I know i was drawn in but I give the Lord the credit for not only drawing me in but also giving me the hunger and desire to respond, as well as the persistence to stay in the...
  15. JazzyJeff15

    what irritates the crud out of me about "Christians" so-called

    I wanna say that some Christians of different denominations or backgrounds do a great job of agreeing to disagree in regards to their differences But what the op is saying is also true. Its part of our sin nature, that we often want to be right. We want to believe our way is the right way. I...
  16. JazzyJeff15

    The bizarre world of Fake psychics, faith healers, and mediums

    Ive never been interested in any form of witchcraft or magic. But I have known many people who are Yesterday my sister brought up a fella by the name of Matt Fraser. She boasted about how amazing he is and that he can communicate with the dead I told her the dead don't communicate with the...
  17. JazzyJeff15

    Did I just see what I saw?

    Im sorry to hear that. I admire the strength of you, your mom and your brother as well as your diverse talents or skill sets
  18. JazzyJeff15

    Did I just see what I saw?

    You're brother must have been a very intelligent young man to know how to handle a car at age 11. Pardon my lack of knowledge, I had to google Doogie Houser. I can swear I've seen that kid before, perhaps it was in a meme or something lol
  19. JazzyJeff15

    Hopeless & Suicidal

    I have faith that God will keep you safe and finish what he has begun in your life. I pray for your safety and your health. I know it can be real difficult and i know what its like to have little desire to live. Just dont give up because Im sure you have people that you are important to and...
  20. JazzyJeff15

    Should a Christian smoke marijuana?

    Today is my 12th day of being off marijuana. Im 34 years old and to tell everyone the truth weed has destroyed my life. I was a young kid that already had some anxiety and depression. As i reached my teen years i fell into strongholds of smoking weed and a bad lustful habit But God is much more...