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  1. אבץ

    It's about "relationship"...right?

    Uh I don't know what's going on ITT, but figure I may have something vaguely relevant to discuss. I've begun a relationship with a woman, and I'm concerned about how to let her in on my view of the world. Problem is, she grew up in the USSR. Atheism is taken for granted by her, even more so...
  2. אבץ

    Distinctions Of God's TWO Different Programs: Prophecy vs Mystery!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I notice you appear to appreciate structure. Are you familiar with computer programming? I dabble, and I read somewhere that the language called perl, was developed specifically with textual analysis of the bible in mind.
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  4. אבץ

    How was your day?

    Exerted myself on trying to get my apprentice up to speed, while doing my part in building a ship. There's a deadline set, yet very few of us think it's going to hold. Not because of the apprentices, but because that's just how it goes.
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  6. אבץ

    Heart of Jesus!

    Hi Matthias and thanks for the welcome. There are probably many other valid postures, but I haven't read much more than the book of Matthew, then Genesis and Exodus. Although I've noticed the particular way I prostrate is standardized in Islam and orthodox Judaism. I figure it should be ok for...
  7. אבץ

    Where did they invent that I AM is some name of God?

    There are also permutations of the name like יהיה or והיה. First one has a conjunction of 'yi' to 'haya', which makes something like 'yihaya', and means approximately "because it happened" Last one has a conjunction of 'va' to 'haya' to make 'vahaya', which means something akin to "and it came...
  8. אבץ

    Heart of Jesus!

    For me it wouldn't be prayer without ritual prostration. Praise Ίησοῦϛ for showing the way in ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΝ ΚΑΤΑ ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΝ 26.39.