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  1. Starise

    Does anyone else feel new growth of Fruit lately?

    I have been looking for more of the Holy Spirit and seeking the gifts. I am going to a prophecy conference this weekend Lord willing. Not sure what the conference is exactly. Never been to one.
  2. Starise

    Is Lying a Violation of the Ten Commandments? - No. - Well, maybe... ???

    Satan first lied to himself, then he lied to Eve, and where are we now with the effects of it? The bible is a lot more than the 10 commandmants. I recently found an individual lying to another person who was an unbeliever because he said he felt it would help to minister to them better. It was a...
  3. Starise

    You have to walk perfect in heaven

    The Karma principle you speak of relates to reencarnation and is not compatible with the bible. I believe the idea that there is any kind of a relationship to the bible has been put forth. Most religion teaches that 'people should be good', this comes from our inner compass that tells us we need...
  4. Starise

    Does anyone else feel new growth of Fruit lately?

    I would say any believer is continually growing in Christ. I went through many trials last year and I think it made me a better person since God used those things to grow me. I believe those things did accelerate where I am as a person and if they had not happened, I doubt I would have grown as...
  5. Starise

    You don’t have a soul; you are a soul?

    Hi Tony, I don't need to see that as I already know what happens, but thanks just the same.
  6. Starise

    I just messsd up

    God will forgive you if you truly come to Him for keeps. Yes you will need deliverance if you have demon attachments and/or familiar spirits. In contrast to what we see in Hollywood movies, I would NOT EVER recommend going to a Catholic minister for this. Trust me in this one. There is a school...
  7. Starise

    To the Married men..

    I think using caution here is the right thing to do. Helping is ok, but I would only do that as the Lord leads. I had a "situation" once that I won't go into detail except to say that some things happened with my wife and a guy that I thought was ok who was coming over. She is no longer my...
  8. Starise

    You don’t have a soul; you are a soul?

    We are intrinsic to all of our makeup here on this earth. Many passages in the bible 'seem' to indicate certain things, that when analyzed indicate something different than was originally thought. When someone makes that statement we don't have a soul, we ARE a soul, there are holes in that...
  9. Starise

    What does the Bible say about psychic intuition?

    So this is a concern even though you haven't been involved with him. There can be attachments.
  10. Starise

    First Brain Implant Announced _ Elon Musk

    People are just in the dark for the most part. I have researched MK Ultra. It was evil from the start. Anything in a person's brain that helps with instructions takes total control away from the individual. And maybe it isn't that way presently, but software can be re written and changed AFTER...
  11. Starise

    First Brain Implant Announced _ Elon Musk

    People are already zombies staring at their phones reliant on them for everything. Imagine many people with these implants. I imagine these will be input/output devices, so they can SEND data . How will you know in that state what is real and what is made up?
  12. Starise

    The false doctrine of the immortality of the soul.

    I think this subject can be a confusing study to anyone who doesn't look at context IMO. The body in the ground .vs the soul taken away. Ecclesiates 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
  13. Starise

    Should a Christian fear death?

    I am a creature who is often hesitant at change, especially this kind of a change. I figure the more I think about death, the less I'm thinking about life. When that time comes I'm pretty sure I'll be aware and even though some reluctance exists, I'll hold to a hand I know well and who knows...
  14. Starise

    Trouble with self-esteem?

    I wish you well with this person Deb. My recent experience has been the opposite. People full of themselves.
  15. Starise

    The false doctrine of the immortality of the soul.

    Hobie is I believe 7th Day Adventist. There are a lot of things he says I agree with, but this isn't one of them. It isn't mainstream Christian teaching and isn't really the conclusion of any thoughtful study of the bible.
  16. Starise

    For Christians, must all songs have praise and give glory to God?

    I believe everything we do should in some way glorify God. One musician friend of mine said something I haven't forgotten- Music can be about people, about God or to God in worship. For some reason I have mostly felt led to make music about God to people, or as a thing to maybe get them to...
  17. Starise

    Do Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians worship the same God?

    No they don't worship the same god.
  18. Starise

    The so-called "gods" are demons

    Yep I agree. It's the only other entities capable of pulling it off well enough to have people believing they are gods. Move over ancient aliens.
  19. Starise

    What does the Bible say about psychic intuition?

    I can't claim that ability, but I would say it's more of an intuitive thing with me. I recently had a dream and I know it wasnt anything but some kind of a message. I would feel uncomfortable sharing it here since I think it was only for me, but I haven't totally figured it out yet.
  20. Starise

    What does the Bible say about psychic intuition?

    Red flags always go up in Christian circles over these things and understandably so, yet sometimes I think the scale tips too far the other way in saying none of us has any abilities like this or if we do, they are from an evil source. Often I will read of a person who has a sense of some kind...