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  1. Mosheli

    How the Geological Column Affirms The Genesis Account

    Good point about missing layers in places (since they supposedly took so long to deposit). But I think creationists err in lumping everything into one great Flood. I think there were some other catastrophes during world history. I agree that the Cretaceous seems to match the Flood. "No seasons"...
  2. Mosheli

    Hi from New Zealand

    Greetings from Wellington. I agree its been freezing here in NZ this winter. (Its worse here further south, and where I am is a valley which is even colder as the clouds keep sitting over here day after day. I envy UK having a "heat wave" lately.) I've seen one or two of your papers on academia.
  3. Mosheli

    Elijah and JTB

    There are 2 possibile explanations: 1. It could be that the "Elijah" verse has two different layers of meaning and that there will also be an Elijah before the second coming. (Elijah vs Jezebel in OT could also match that "Babylon"/"Jezebel" is still around at time of 2 Witnesses?) This would...
  4. Mosheli

    The Two Witnesses Are Not Two Men

    Marty I don't think the two witnesses can be the law and the prophets because they seem to be said to be two persons are are killed and later resurrected. But Moses and Elijah can represent the Law and the Prophets respectively. Not that I am saying they definitely will be those two, you might...
  5. Mosheli

    The Two Witnesses Are Not Two Men

    Some interesting stuff in the OP's website, but like the others here I don't agree about the 2 witnesses. "the two witnesses are her youtube channel and her website". This does not agree with my impression of what i read in Revelation and Zechariah where they clearly appear to be two persons...
  6. Mosheli

    Garden of Gethsemane & King's Garden

    Is Gethsemane of Jesus' passion the King's Gardens? Compare these two descriptions: kepos/kipos "garden" of Gethsemane/Gat-shmanim/Gat-shenim/Gat-semena/Gad-smane "oil/fat press", chorion/xorion "place/estate" (across brook/valley of Kidron, in vicinity of Mt of Olives/Olivet)...
  7. Mosheli

    Evidence Part 1--History

    LFG: I don't have alot of time but I have already posted alot of articles and catalogue of them online. Some of my articles are here: Sean Bambrough - Faith is primary but it is not without evidence or reason. Historical evidence is one evidence reason but there are also other...
  8. Mosheli


    Although the situation here is still hell bad and no signs yet of God answering to help make it not so bad (and me still being trapped not able to fix it myself as every option is blocked by regime/system/elite & others like neighbours & services/tradespeople), I have made some possible biblical...
  9. Mosheli

    Why Papias cannot be trusted

    There was certainly a gospel of Jesus according to Matthew in Hebrew because there is a Talmud tract titled exact same words and Matthew 1:1. Matthew: Sepher toledot Yeshua HaMessiah ... Talmud: Sefer toldot Yeshu HaNotsri ...
  10. Mosheli

    Why Papias cannot be trusted

    I've never seen any other attributions for the authorship of the 4 gospels? John is certainly in agreement with the 3 letters and Revelation to assume/presume same authorship. And we have fragments dating back to almost John's old age death date. I assume the Athanasian creed, Nicaea council...
  11. Mosheli

    Questions; Jesus, Peter, and the keys

    It doesn't matter because the problem is not whether Peter is the rock or leader of apostles or has the keys/authority. No one disputes Peter was leader of the apostles (though James was leader of the community). No is there dispute that Babylon in Peter's letter was probably Rome. But there is...
  12. Mosheli

    4 Horsemen of Revelation Part 4

    Having looked at the first 3 horsemen of Revelation 6 we now look at the last, 4th, "Pale" Horseman. Revelation 6: "And when he opened the seal (the) 4th I heard (the) voice of the 4th living creature saying Come And I looked and behold a horse chloros ("pale") and the (one) sitting on it (the)...
  13. Mosheli

    4 Horsemen of Revelation Part 3

    The 1st, White Horse(man) of Revelation 6 is often supposed to be "conquest", and/or to be the "Antichrist", and the bow he has is often supposed to be "a covenant with Israel confirming its rights to the land of Israel/Palestine". However we are not so certain of this for various reasons...
  14. Mosheli

    Amazing parallel between Daniel and Jesus

    This might have already been seen but a day ago I saw an amazing parallel between Daniel in the Lion's Den story and the death, burial & resurrection of Yeshua/Jesus. To try to show the similarities we have presented this by quoting each verse and putting the comments on similarities in brackets...
  15. Mosheli

    4 Horsemen of Revelation Part 2

    We have looked at the 2nd, Red Horse(man) and given 3 possible past/present/future candidate matches. We will now look at the 3rd, Black Horse(man). Revelation 6: "And when he opened the seal (the) 3rd I heard the 3rd living creature (man/angel) saying come! And I looked and behold a horse...
  16. Mosheli

    4 Horsemen of Revelation

    In our looking at prophetic events in Revelation and other biblical books we start with looking at the 4 horsemen of Revelation 6. Of the 4 horsemen the 2nd red one is the easiest one to identify and the 3rd black one the next easiest, so we will do them first rather than doing the 4 all in the...
  17. Mosheli

    Donbass Ukraine history and reasons for the civil and current wars

    Well he seems more so than many other Western world leaders. He also is supposed to be a christian though this is questionable, but if he is not well no one is good. He seems more morally upstanding than Zelenskyy. If he really did invade to "de-Nazify" then it is bizarre the West are so...
  18. Mosheli

    Donbass Ukraine history and reasons for the civil and current wars

    The Donbass info is interesting. But as to the reason for the war(s). From my own reading of all the history and background and lead up to the current war it was NATO & EU & US & Soros & renegade-Jewish influence in Ukraine since at least 1988-2014-2022 which is seemingly the real cause of the...
  19. Mosheli

    Is The Book Of Revelations Still Sealed?

    I can basically agree with that. Though I would say that there are still things in Revelation that we are not sure about the exact correct matches yet even though the other bible books may provide more details. Eg we don't know exactly who the sea beast and earth beast are, though we have a...
  20. Mosheli

    Is The Book Of Revelations Still Sealed?

    What do you mean by sealed? It is not sealed. There are some things which we don't necessarily yet know the correct interpretation or fulfillment of but there are plenty of things we do know/see already.