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  1. Disciple

    Living in the USA

    the same evil that is there, is here also.. id rather be somewhere that was open about their hate because here in america people hate you and abuse you secretly about your faith with hidden contempt and even acting themselves as chritians.
  2. Disciple

    Rending your heart and not your garments?

    to me it seems like the 'garments' here resembles our outward appearance, what is seen of others (were often to caught up trying to be christian like outwardly), and 'rending your heart seems to be our inside, our intentions, whats not seen, and whats true.
  3. Disciple

    Make men in our image...

    His son Jesus existed from the begginning, so it is clear who the 'us' is.
  4. Disciple

    Everything works together for our Good...

    Amen, we gotta keep this attitude even in the most stressful and irritating times. And i often get corrected by the Father in this way too, like ill be impatient about some red lights and then later down the road ill see a cop busting everybody. (kind of similar to what happened to u yesterday)...
  5. Disciple

    The Seed of the Woman

    i was thinking of the meaning of this verse earlier and remembered my mom telling me of a time she crushed the head of a snake, and then i remembered my grandma telling me a story of her crushing a snakes head also. and i thought maybe the meaning is simple, since the snake resembles the devil...
  6. Disciple

    hello from India

    great to have you! a pastor i talked to here in america builds churches in india and preaches over there
  7. Disciple

    Hey I am new here

    welcome brother! hope to hear from you.
  8. Disciple

    The importance of church?

    Like Jesus said, 'my burden is simple and light', and 'follow me', the Lord didnt require of us to attend church but to follow him and obey his commands, if the Lord leads you to church then go but if not, dont go.
  9. Disciple

    Was Paul nasty?

    read the kjv of those verses, maybe better understanding will spring forth.
  10. Disciple

    Nazarite Vow

    no cutting your hair, no sex or marriage, and no wine or alchohol. and the nazarites did this since they were born. Just make sure your doing this to bring God glory and not to have glory of men. 'let not your right hand know what your left hand does' This information may not be correct so...
  11. Disciple

    License to Sin and Building a Strawman

    Freed from the law of sin. But Gods law shall in no wise pass away.
  12. Disciple

    please pray

    im going to jail this morning and would love your prayer support while im in there! i get out in about 8 days
  13. Disciple

    What is the Christian response to a pet's death?

    wow, great post avoice!
  14. Disciple


    It is indeed near.. Come Jesus, come.
  15. Disciple

    How often do you pray?

    I pray ALOT
  16. Disciple


    Welcome to the board, and i like ur username!
  17. Disciple


    welcome, glad to have you here bro.
  18. Disciple

    It Hurts So Much

    He needs room to grow, i know if i was helping someone be delivered from something like this and they came onto me as you did him, i would definatly do the exact same thing he did to you. the bible says 'to avoid those that cause divisions contrary to the doctrine of Christ, that they may be...
  19. Disciple

    What I do when I am fearful and scared...

    All humans have anxieties and fears and i wouldnt call it a mental illness.. To men it may appear a mental illness but in reality its just oppression from the devil, and it is something that God can deliver you from.. I too become anxious about things but i try not to let it have dominion over me..