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    (sevver;36995) Aren't the watchmen Jehovah's Witness? There doesn't seem to be anything on the site that would suggest it though. No, that's the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society I think....
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    I came across this one recently (possibly from a link through this forum..I can't remember) Can't say I agree or disagree with anything posted at this point as I am new to my journey of faith, but definately some interesting reading here.
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    I don't want to be an Atheist

    (stlizzy;36985) Well, to search for God you have to be sincere... in that you must drop all of your agendas to find Him... I really think this is key... why do you want to find Him? Is it for His benefit or your own- because often times I think people have misconceptions or preconceptions about...
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    Sin entering New Heaven and New Earth

    I was wondering something similar earlier this week. When the new heavens and the new earth time comes, will the ability to sin be removed? Or will it still be there and we all have to cross our fingers and hope that someone doesn't screw up and throw us back into the same situation we are in now?
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    Essentials of Christianity

    (SealedEternal;36942) That's a good point, and many today are trying to make that distinction in attempt to suggest that all of the major religious institutions are the "church" (ekklesia) of Jesus Christ as long as they agree on these "essentials." Therefore we can all coexist in our little...
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    Essentials of Christianity

    (DrBubbaLove;36940) Love God, love yourself and love others. Strictly speaking the rest is gravy. As we mature in our relationships we often discover things we did not know before that makes us appreciate the object of love more.In reading the Bible it is evident that God has reached out to man...
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    Essentials of Christianity

    Please forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question. I've read in various threads people making statements like "that's not a salvation issue", or "essential to christian faith", and other such statements.So my question is, Are there actually essential doctrines of faith and non-essential...
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    Science V.S. GOD

    Great post!
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    I have a question

    Hi Bullfighter....If you roll your mouse to the Quick Links tab at the top of the screen, you can go to "My Profile" somewhere in there, is a choice to view all posts or something like that.Hope this helps, I'm relatively new so there might be an easier way, I don't know.
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    5 Important Lessons to Learn from a Humble Pencil

    Found this posted on a yahoo group I belong to....thought it was cute and thought I'd share....5 important lessons to learn from a humble pencil.1. It tells you that everything you do will always leave a Mark .2. You can always correct the mistake you make ..3. The important thing in life is...
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    What's Second Death

    Thank you Kriss for this informative post and all of the corresponding scriptures! I always had a hard time believing the "eternal torture" of the wicked that my previous church taught. You have confirmed my belief that they will simply cease to exist.Squeak
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    Paper and Scissors only

    Wow, amazing what someone can create with just a sheet of paper!
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    Islam and Christianity; truth?

    (whirlwind;32731) I would suggest that you filter the noise of false teachings and open His Word....hear and see the quiet truth as told by God Himself!Another suggestion....grow up! This la, de, da, I love you and you love me and we all need to be happy world is a fairy tale. We are in a...
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    Verses we don't get

    (kriss;30788) God often comes to unbelievers to make them believers so that they will believe upon him repent from their sins and then receive the Holy Spirit. Sorry Kriss, not jumping into the debate, I'm just curious how God comes to unbelievers to make them believers? I would think it is the...
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    "The True Message of Salvation"

    (Faithful;29763) Post such as the one which started this thread, discourages those who are not yet eating meat and does not build up those drinking milk but causes them to look inward and become afraid they are not truly a believer.Faithful. Actually, when I read the initial post, I found it as...
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    "The True Message of Salvation"

    (David S;29761) Hi Folks,Can I just put one fundamental point straight?WE WILL DEFINITELY BE SAVED.........IF we remain in FAITH!!!David IF we remain in FAITH! Exactly my point. How can someone declare they "ARE SAVED"....when they could stop having Faith...are they still saved just because...
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    "The True Message of Salvation"

    Thank you for this informative post, SpiritSoldier. I had always wondered how people were able to declare "I was saved on (insert specific date)" As you said, I don't think anyone can be assured that they will be saved. God is the one who decides who to save and who not to, not people...
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    genesis question...

    I don't see where there is any 8th day creation. The bible doesn't say anything about an 8th day. It details everything he created in Genesis chapter 1 in days 1 through 6 and that God rested on the 7th day.Genesis 2 starts off saying "Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their...
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    I'm hungry: sell me your birthright

    Well since I don't really follow world events all that much, I had to google it so I'm guessing really......Russia?
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    I'm hungry: sell me your birthright

    I was just reading about Esau and Jacob earlier tonight. I couldn't figure out exactly what the "birthright" was. So I am looking forward to your answers.Also, what was the significance of Esau being described as "red" and "hairy"? What was red? His skin or his hair or both?