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    The Sabbath day.

    The Greek phrase that appears in Rev 1:10 as “the Lord’s day” is unique in the NT. I hesitate to equate it with the different phrase that appears as “the day of the Lord”. One is like hemera kurios and the one in Rev 1:10 is like kuriakos hemera (I didn’t decline it so it should then match...
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    I shall recieve you to myself when?

    (brotherbernard;13800) "After that, we who are still alive and left will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air". I know that we are all familiar with the text and that it has been used to support a number of different interpretations, but I would like to point out...
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    The Sabbath day.

    Sunday is not the Sabbath. Also, I love the scene in Rev where everyone bows down before the throne and worships. So, to me, I like the idea of worshiping as a group. Of course, we can worship anywhere, and by ourselves. We can worship on a ship, on a mountain, in a house, on a construction...
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    General Word Association

    (Tama;13764) Sunset Swift
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    (beforHim;13720) I mean, if you were in front of a clown, you wouldn't say "let me laugh", would you? Are you thinking that "let" means "allow"? Like, "Allow me to laugh, please." I think "let" often means an exhortation. Like, "Let's have some fun!" It can mean "allow", of course, but I...
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    The Rapture Of The Church

    Is there more than one kind of Strong's? Maybe one for the KJV and one that is a Hebrew concordance or something? Mine reads like this: 1121 !Be ben {bane} Meaning: 1) son, grandson, child, member of a group 1a) son, male child 1b) grandson 1c) children (pl. - male and female) 1d) youth, young...
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    (Wakka;13173) Flyleaf Uh, hmmm. Either I am a bit too old, or something. It gives me the creeps. Well, I tried, anyway.(RND) Music it the only vehicle by which a man that does not desire anything from Satan can still be influenced by Satan. Rat...
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    God's Word

    (Ricky W;13664) I seek refuge in God, from Satan the rejectedIn the name of Allah(God), Most Gracious, Most Merciful.Oh I see now , yes you are correct, but with order from Mohammad to write it down by sahabah, not initiative from the sahabah it self.If you ask me why, I don't know for sure, God...
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    General Word Association

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    The Rapture Of The Church

    (kriss;13619) Its only past tense because John is looking backwards from the Lords Day By "Lord's Day" you don't mean Sunday, right? You mean the Day of the Lord? Could you tell me why you think John is talking backwards in time from the Day of the Lord there in Rev 12?
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    God's Word

    (Ricky W;13570) 3rd. It came from B'midbarOn Islamic perspective on Quran has path like this wayThis is how the Quran come :God(Allah) -> dictate His Words to Gabriel -> dictate to Prophet Mohammad -> dictate to His Followers, Invidel, Jewish, Farsi, Christian at his life time.Some of his...
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    My decision on the Sabbath

    (kriss;13370) because our Sabbath is no longer a Day of the week but Christ himselfColossians 2:16Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: This is a good verse. I'm unused to thinking of Christ as my Sabbath...
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    God's Word

    (Rasta;13444) So I don't really see the point to your objection. If I'm missing something obvious here, please let me know. Indeed, we do know that some of the NT was dictated to a scribe, for example. That is not the issue that I was curious about. I mentioned scribes to be complete in my...
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    God's Word

    (Rasta;13420) I am not a Christian, but I used to be, so I'm confident I can answer this one.Ricky, they belive the same thing you do. Based on my simple knowledge of Islam, I fear I must disagree with you. The Muslim's understanding of how the Qur'an came to be and the Christian's...
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    Hello from Hoagie

    Hi Hoagie, nice to meet you. I know how you feel about that praying out loud in front of people thing. :eek: Just keep ploughing on with it though, and eventually you'll just naturally launch into it when needed.
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    Upside down Christianity

    A statue of an angel seems like a fine thing to me. The top of the ark of the covenant had these cherubim with their wings. Exodus 25:18 "You shall make two cherubim of gold, make them of hammered work at the two ends of the mercy seat. A Nazarite did not trim his hair. Having longish hair is...
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    Pre Marital Sex ?

    (Ricky W;13287) Then what is the punishment for the case in Exodus 22:16 meanwhile the case has been shown that the punishment to the same case was stoning to death ? I do not agree that they are the same case. They are similar and they are different. Since they are not the same, I cannot...
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    Freedom from the Law?

    (RND;13232) So you agree that God commanded certain types of obedience to His law before Sinai? Eh, I agree that God commanded various things before Sinai, of which not eating from that tree is an example. But no, I don’t see solid evidence that the Law was in place before the whole Moses...