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    The True Religion

    In regard to the original question, first let us ask, why is Christianity different from all other religions/faiths? Some definitions of religion would include or exclude Christianity as a religion. For a moment let us consider Christianity a religion just for the sake of explanation. Every...
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    Revelation Of The Marriage Of The Lamb

    Heres a few scriptures -Isaiah 62:5 God rejoices over the choosen/redeemed as a bridgegroom rejoices over the bride -Matthew 9:15, Mark 2:19-20 Jesus calls himself the Bridegroom -John 3:28 John the Baptist comments on the Christ possesing the bride (among other things, John the Baptist is...
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    4 wisdom teeth out. thanks to God for a successful surgery

    4 wisdom teeth out. thanks to God for a successful surgery
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    Your Opinion On Atheists

    To me the question is trust about what? If I meet an atheist, I don't doubt most of the things they say about day to day details of life. Actually, I kindof like atheists. And I love them. In Christianity, Christrians are taught to support each other through...
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    Help Me...thinking Of Suicide

    lostSheep: Read Psalm 55. David was betrayed by a very very close friend. He is furious and broken and torn up inside, but then he finds security in God. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Redeemed.
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    Me And Depression

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging words. I feel like the storm has ebbed. It took some emergency prayer from my brothers and elders, but God is faithful. All praise to You, God. You drew me from deep waters. The ropes of death had taken me but you heard my prayer and flew from on high. You...
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    Help With Christianity

    Let me offer another explanation of some of the ideas Adstar placed out. Ephesians 2:4-5 "But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved." The Bible describes a condition of...
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    God Must Forgive Me

    The Holy Spirit prevented me from suicide more than once several years ago. I wouldn't advise testing the waters. Don't let yourself be drawn towards it, or even the thought of it. There is something intoxicating about that darkness. According the the Bible, nobody can get their life on track...
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    Why Men Are Never Depressed

    I like throwing big rocks into bodies of water. I do it habitually if I am near water.
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    2010 Predictions

    My prediction: People will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase. [catch the reference?]
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    You sound like you are making lots of tough decisions. I'll pray about you, your sister, and the guy whose mother died. Do you think it would speak to your sister to explain that an emotional entaglement with this guy will actually make the situation worse for him? That a romantic relationship...
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    The Fear Of The Lord

    One of my favorite verses is Job 28:28 "The fear of the Lord- that is wisdom to shun evil - that is understanting" The fear of God doesn't translate well into English I describe it this way. The fear of the Lord is somewhere between the English word fear and the combination of...
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    Me And Depression

    I've been dealing with some depression recently. Actually, off and on for a while. I'll be talking to a leader at my church about it tomorrow. Pray that God will show us the source(s) of the depression, be it lies I have believed, unrepentant sin, unhealed wounds, etc. I want to move forward.
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    Family Under Attack

    They will be in my prayers too. I will set an alarm to remind me.
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    Madenew, As a 20 year old guy (21 on Friday), I would like to offer my perspective. I have heard it said that a girl's heart should be so entrenched in God that a guy would have to come to God to ever find her. The one thing I wish somebody would have told me when I was like 10 is that not...
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    New to this forum

    Welcome! Bienvenida! Accueil ! Het welkom! Benvenuto! Boas-vindas! 欢迎! 歡迎! Добро пожаловать! Mottakelse! 2 Peter 1:10-12 -Reedemed22 (yes I cheated for like 7 languages...)
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    What is truth?

    Originally there was no choice. We were destined by justice to go to hell. The option of accepting Jesus was provided out of grace [undeserved favor] and it was very, very expensive. The ability to accept Jesus over hell should drop our jaws a heck of a lot more than that there are only 2...
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    Hello I have a few questions.

    Is Thomas your real name"]blamesless[/I] before God. Blameless. (Colossians 1:22)You don't have to get fixed to earn your spot as a son. You don't have to work to earn back some low place in the household, like the prodigal son who thought that it might even be the best that he could possibly...
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    Jesus speaking: Matthew 22:29.
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    Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

    I'm more concerned about people with machines....