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  1. WhiteKnuckle

    I think I'm getting divorced.

    Well, a lot has happened sinc!e this time. We've been to counciling, Been to Singapore, England, and Scotland, and, have spent time here at home. After Singapore, I sustained a major concussion, and a neck sprain. I was sparring a Pro MMA fighter, and we both got into it and next thing I know...
  2. WhiteKnuckle

    I think I'm getting divorced.

    I'm not going to play the victim here, but It may seem so. There's 2 sides to every story I guess. As some of you know I've been battling alcohol for some time now. I've remained 98% sober for the past 3 years. The past few weeks I've been drinking atleast once a week. I'm ashamed, but it is...
  3. WhiteKnuckle

    Pre-destination and the elect

    I was thinking about this today, particularly th part about vessels being made for honor and dishonor. It seems on the surface that some of us are "predestined" for dishonor. In all actuality this shows that some will say, "because I was created with imperfect flesh and a nature to sin, it's not...
  4. WhiteKnuckle

    Using foul language

    I still have a problem in this area. Sometimes I "do good", most of the time not. It's sometimes hard for me to find a word to express the profound frustration or utter disillusionment I'm having with a particular situation, person, or object of my dismay. There is no place for it, but it's a...
  5. WhiteKnuckle


    It was okay in the OT, even the Law gave provisions for polygamy. Now, we as Christians aren't under the Law, there is still a model. Yes, people who wish to be "authority" in the Church should have only one wife. The reason for that is clear. They need to focus on their tasks and duty. Having...
  6. WhiteKnuckle

    The United States of Evil

    The US is no more and no less evil than any other country in this world. All governments have deep dark closets full of horror. I'm frankly tired of the hatred for the US that's been building since it was deemed "IN" back in the 90's. More and more people in the US are hating their country...
  7. WhiteKnuckle

    Outlaws MC

    That is interesting. Although, I'd hoped to not bring a homosexual debeate into this situation...... As an update, I got out of the the party. I kept the guy sidetract trying to train him on the machines. On a plus side, I'm going to watch the most spectacular meteor shower tonight around...
  8. WhiteKnuckle

    Outlaws MC

    I don't know what to say. I can't help feeling drawn in. I was around Outlaws MC when I was a little kid. Various places I've worked had Outlaws, and Mongols working there. I'm always invited to functions and to hang out etc. We fit. We're cut from the same cloth so to speak. Usualy I can fend...
  9. WhiteKnuckle

    Books That Didn't Make It Into The Bible

    That's not exactly true. Some religions are more strict, such as Islam, others such as Budhism aren't. Even Orthodox Jews are very strict. What makes Christianity so unique is that we do have a "set of rules", however, we do have liberty. We are allowed to think and to question and wonder and...
  10. WhiteKnuckle

    Books That Didn't Make It Into The Bible

    So,,,, Some books were taken out BY the RCC? Some books were added by the RCC? The rest of us who aren't members of the RCC, just accept the books that are in the Bible now and reject the others, including the books "added" by the RCC later? Am I to believe and accept that the entire...
  11. WhiteKnuckle

    Freedom To Sin?

    Just to point out....... Many, as in, If I there is 10 billion things and I have 7 billion of them, there's still 3 billion left even though I have 70% which is more than many. So, maybe, the many doesn't mean that there's only a very small few who enter Heaven.
  12. WhiteKnuckle

    Celtic Cross

    I assume you're talking about a cross with knot work in it. The early Celts didn't have a written language and used knots to tell stories or just for decoration. The knot work style actually came from the Vikings that settled in Scotland. The Celts converted to Christianity fairly early in...
  13. WhiteKnuckle

    Texas Father Kills His Daughter's Rapist's...Should He Be Punished ?

    A friend of mine posted on Facebook about the shootings in the Co theater. She said she would've rushed the guy. In my mind, I can invision myself performing some sort of martial art awesomness and taking the guy down and strangling him till he sleeps. There are other things that come into play...
  14. WhiteKnuckle

    Is it alright for Christians to get tattoos and body piercing?

    I had a discussion about this with a friend of mine years ago. His reasoning goes like this. "You body is a temple. A church is a temple. What do people do with a church? They decorate it!" I have tattoos and plan to get more in the future. Although, I do think tattos are stooooopid. Not a...
  15. WhiteKnuckle

    Does the bible prohibit a woman from being a "pastor"?

    Actually, Sony Barger was quoted in his book saying, "Japanese make better bikes. If the Hells Angels get their *&^% together they'd ride those." (slightly paraphrased due to length of time since reading). What makes this analogy so interesting is a few things. One, Sonny the founder of the...
  16. WhiteKnuckle

    A Difficult Conversation

    LOL, Objective. Great catch!
  17. WhiteKnuckle

    A Difficult Conversation

    Kids, that's a good one. I have 2 munchkins. Girl 11 and boy 9. Sometimes I look at the state of the world, and imagine what they will have to go through in the future. Sometimes because of the state of the world, I wish I wouldn't have had them, so they will be spared so many heartaches and...
  18. WhiteKnuckle

    Christian Entertainment

    Not many replies. I chose "other". I don't believe it's lack of funding, (maybe lacking of some talent) let's face it, Christianity has a smaller pool and stricter protocols of behavior than Hollywood. I can't stand most Christian Entertainment because most of it seems forced. Christian...
  19. WhiteKnuckle

    Freedom To Sin?

    Some sins I'm tempted by because, they're pleasurable. Some sins I'm tempted by because of some other reason, either fear of something or greed. Some sins I'm not even interested in because they're just stooopid or just down right disgusting. Either way, there are sins that I "like" and it...
  20. WhiteKnuckle

    Why I can't be a Christian any more

    I once dabbled in witchcraft/Wicca when I was a teenager. It seemed full of intrigue and mystery. Some of it seemed to work. After all was said and done I just couldn't convince myself that Dianna was God or that Jesus wasn't real. I eventually grew tired and found no rest. I have a friend who's...