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  1. Josho

    How was your day?

    Just had the worst soar throat ever overnight, thanks to covid, the pain was horrible, still pretty painful now.
  2. Josho

    Covid soar throats definitely aren't fun.

    Covid soar throats definitely aren't fun.
  3. Josho

    POlgamy is in the Bible is it okay to Marry Many wifes?

    Kind of interesting this just came to mind, I think it's kind of related since we are created in God's image. Matthew 6:24 "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and...
  4. Josho

    Seventh-day Adventist

    There are some good Sevvies, SDAs or whatever you want to call them out there that love Jesus, walk with the Lord and live good Christian lives, yeah they have got things wrong in the past and may have a few different beliefs, but at the end of the day they too believe and worship the Father...
  5. Josho

    Musicians corner

    I think I may have made a thread for this before, but can't seem to find it, so creating a new one, but musicians of all skill levels feel free to post what you want here, just an amateur myself so no pressure hehe. So had a little mess around tonight recorded a little bit of "What a Friend We...
  6. Josho

    Did you know NF is a Christian Rapper?

    Yes I remember NF, I remember he did a song called "Start Over" years ago.
  7. Josho

    Hello, my name's Caleb!

    Welcome welcome, hope you have a good time here.
  8. Josho

    Artificial Intelligence

    Message @doughty the site owner if you see an ad you don't think that's appropriate on this site.
  9. Josho

    Being Homeless vs Going Camping

    Tough situation, what do the authorities expect homeless people to do in cities?
  10. Josho

    Artificial Intelligence

    ChatGPT is pretty good at writing songs, so I just gave it a try. I told chatGPT to write a gospel song, this is what it came up with "Verse 1: When I'm feeling down, when I'm feeling blue, There's a light that shines, a love that's true, It's the grace of God, that fills my soul, And a peace...
  11. Josho

    Would you vote for / support Ron DeSantis for President of the USA in 2024?

    Given how close the mid terms were, I reckon Ron DeSantis could possibly win 2024 if he were to run against Biden, especially if the US economy goes down, that does not work in the Democrats favour. I don't support him, but think he will be a lot more professional than Trump that's for sure...
  12. Josho

    Fetal Personhood

    You are trying to use a verse to justify the actions of abortionists, anybody can cherry pick a verse and try to use it to justify a sin. But that verse you used there was a curse of the law, those that lived in OT times brought a curse on themselves when they sinned, we are no longer under the...
  13. Josho

    Fetal Personhood

    Woman should have rights, all humans should have rights, however abortion should not be called a "right", it is a wrong, it's murder, I understand most women who come to these decisions are in tough situations, but the baby is innocent, the baby deserves the right to live, why kill a baby? Can...
  14. Josho

    Fetal Personhood

    Would take a miracle for it to ever be banned in Australia, where most people are brain-washed into thinking it's a woman's right.
  15. Josho

    What have you cooked lately?

    I just haven't felt like checking in as much in the last year or 2, I am still alive though. :p
  16. Josho

    Artificial Intelligence

    I have had plenty of AI ads popping up recently. They claim they can write essays with AI, yesterday I saw an ad where AI can do artwork, then there are interactive AI chat bots, there used to be just assistant chat bots when you needed help on a website like say PayPal or some Telcos which I...
  17. Josho

    What have you cooked lately?

    Cheese on toast is what I have cooked recently.
  18. Josho

    Christian friendly media ie video games etc

    The graphics look pretty amazing, but hey what about Super 3D Noah's Ark with that classic old school Wolfenstein 3D look.
  19. Josho

    Christian friendly media ie video games etc

    There's a new game called "I am Jesus Christ" dunno if anyone has tried it, my computer is no where near powerful enough to play it haha, but looks interesting, here is the trailer.
  20. Josho

    What is the one true Church?

    The body of Christ and all His members are the one true Church.