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  1. wordofsalvation

    Verses On Thanksgiving - What Does The Bible Say?

    Verses on thanksgiving - what does the bible say? Gratitude is one of the noblest qualities of a human being. It is very unpleasant to live with someone ungrateful, who does not know how to recognize the good things in his life.
  2. V

    Random Bible Verse website

    Hello brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I am creating website about random Bible verse. And i need some advice, or your opinion about that. What you want to see on this page, what to need delete, or change? It still under construction, and it might be some bugs. But i will remove it...
  3. Ash Cheum

    Find Perfect Peace

  4. Ash Cheum

    A Sweet-Smelling Aroma

  5. Ash Cheum

    Soar Like an Eagle